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Youth Philanthropy Councils

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April, 2020
Scott County Youth Grantmaking Council

Scott County Youth Grantmaking Council

IPA provides technical assistance to 27 Community Foundation Youth Philanthropy Councils across the state and works with foundations of all types to promote and raise the awareness of youth philanthropy. IPA makes youth philanthropy research and philanthropic resources available to foundations, youth-serving organizations, schools, and families interested in teaching youth about giving and serving (philanthropy) in their communities. 

Directory of 2021-2022 Community Foundation Youth Councils

Resources for Youth Councils:

COVID-19 Resources for Youth and Youth Workers: A list that includes resources to support youth workers and mentors in the philanthropic field during this global crisis.

Developing Youth Philanthropists Guidebook: A guidebook to help foundations create engaging youth council programming that builds life skills of young people. The guidebook outlines a variety of activities foundation staff can introduce to their youth councils at both introductory and advanced levels. 

Helpful Links: Links to additional organizations and resources that may be useful to youth councils.

IPA Resource Library: Searchable database of resources, webinar recordings, directories, etc. related to youth philanthropy. 

Phil's Gift Box: An imaginative, creative resource that teaches youth about philanthropy and incorporates the spirit of generosity into their everyday lives.

Race and Equity Resource Page: A list of organizations that have resources to guide youth councils and other youth-serving organizations through conversations and learning exercises about racism and equity issues.

Sample Documents Dropbox: View, download, and upload sample youth council documents and templates from community foundations around the state. Examples include member brochures, member applications, and permission slips. 

Technical Assistance: IPA members may take advantage of free youth philanthropy technical assistance by contacting Julie Markland, IPA Program Associate, at or 317.630.5200 Ext. 122. 

Youth as Philanthropists Educational Resource: Resource book that guides youth and youth workers through what philanthropy is, the history of philanthropy, developing habits of giving and servin, and taking philanthropic action.

Youth Council Listserv: IPA listservs are online communities that provide an interactive forum for members to engage with their peers through group e-mails where they can share ideas, ask questions, and learn from each other. This listserv is specific to youth council staff/volunteer facilitators.

Youth Philanthropy Peer CommunityThe Youth Philanthropy Peer Community is a network of staff such as youth council facilitators and other interested members looking to build networks and share knowledge around youth philanthropy. 

Youth Philanthropy Peer Community Listserv:  IPA listservs are online communities that provide an interactive forum for members to engage with their peers through group e-mails where they can share ideas, ask questions, and learn from each other. This listserv is open to any IPA member interested in youth philanthropy.

Youth Philanthropy and Next-Gen Webinars: Youth philanthropy and next-gen webinar recordings are archived and available in the IPA resource library. 

Youth Philanthropy Summits- Better Together 2017: Resources and summaries from this one-day summit held in three locations across Indiana during the summer of 2017.

Research of Youth Councils:

Interactive Online Report: Each year, IPA surveys Indiana community foundations that promote youth philanthropy. This information is used to better understand the work and impact of youth philanthropists in Indiana, and gives insight into youth philanthropic trends.

PDF Summary: Printable graphic summary of the 2019-2020 Survey of Indiana Youth Councils.

Indiana Youth Council Alumni SurveyThis report summarizes Indiana youth council alumni data from the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance, in partnership with the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. Data were collected between 2014 and 2021, and the initial survey was completed during high school prior to youth participation in a youth council.