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Key Issues Discussed at Foundations On The Hill 2020

1. Make the charitable deduction available to all. IPA urges Congress to make the charitable deduction available to all taxpayers—regardless of their tax rate or whether they itemize—to incentivize and recognize the giving of all Americans.
2. Support the availability of donor advised funds (DAFs) as viable charitable giving vehicles. IPA supports legislative reforms for DAFs that promote ethical and accountable management of the charitable resources in these funds without compromising privacy of the donor. We oppose reforms that inhibit or diminish the reasonable growth and effectiveness of DAFs. IPA supports the expansion of the IRA charitable rollover by allowing gifts to donor advised funds.
3. Support a fair and accurate census count. Accurate census data are an essential foundation for fair political representation and the fair allocation of government resources at the national, state, and local levels.
4. Allow foundations to administer post-graduation scholarships. IPA supports legislation allowing foundations to administer post-graduation scholarship programs, like the Workforce Development through Post-Graduation Scholarships Act (H.R. 4038), which would combat “brain drain,” stimulate regional economic growth, and address the growing student debt crisis.
5. Support legislation to amend the tax code to recognize nonprofit cemeteries as public charities. 501(c)(13) cemeteries, which can receive tax-deductible contributions from every living American, cannot receive estate gifts or gifts from public and private foundations. Community foundations, which manage endowments benefiting public charities, cannot hold designated funds or endowments for these cemeteries. There are over 12,000 of these 501(c)(13) cemeteries in existence in the U.S., and Indiana ranks 6th in the nation with 523 of them.

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