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Learn, connect, and advocate with Indiana’s vibrant philanthropic community.

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Philanthropy is an inventive and collaborative enterprise. It involves harnessing resources, know how, and the capacity of others. Working together and sharing ideas results in better, faster, and more lasting impact. In Indiana, IPA is the infrastructure of building sustainable, impactful philanthropy across the state and beyond.

Share the Journey

Philanthropy is a shared journey. Our member network connects you with fellow philanthropists and fosters powerful collaborative work that builds stronger communities.

Cost-effective Learning and Interaction with Peers

IPA provides convenient, inexpensive programming and idea-sharing on a monthly basis. We are always looking for your ideas and input on learning topics and best practices.

Make Better Decisions

Grantmaking isn’t the same everywhere. Only IPA provides Indiana-specific news, research, and analysis. We use a broad range of communication vehicles to promote and share key facts, initiatives, and successes of IPA members.

Advocate for Regulations Favorable to Philanthropy

Get more engaged in policy and advocacy through IPA events and information. We proactively educate state and federal legisators on policy conducive to philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. We provide events and information so you may get involved, develop relationships with policymakers, and stay informed. 

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IPA membership is open to individuals and organizations involved in philanthropy: foundations, corporations, donor-advised funds, government agencies, giving circles, professional philanthropic advisors, trust officers, students of philanthropy, and retired staff and board members of philanthropic organizations. Membership in IPA indicates commitment to the highest standards of competence and ethical practice, to advance clients’ philanthropic goals in accordance with applicable charitable and philanthropic laws and regulations, and to share knowledge and experience to strengthen Indiana philanthropy. IPA retains final discretion on all matters concerning membership approval.