Catalyst is a new advanced training for Indiana community foundations to identify where their organization is headed and learn new strategies, policies, and processes to get them there.

This pilot program focuses on organizations that are between lifecycle stages – wanting to do more but struggling with internal and external barriers.  

Catalyst modules feature advanced content from subject matter experts and facilitated group discussions. Participants will develop action plans to incorporate the new concepts within their existing framework.  

The goal of Catalyst is to increase each community foundation’s ability to operate strategically while engaging in community leadership work. 

Course Outline

The optimal way to participate in Catalyst is by registering for all five modules listed below. Each module stands on its own as a complete program, but the series builds on the assessments and capacity-building work of the others. Catalyst covers five topics:   

Each module includes a pre-workshop webinar (required), an in-person active learning day (required), and an optional virtual follow-up for accountability.

Who Can Join

Catalyst is exclusive to Indiana community foundations. Your CEO is expected to attend each module, along with at least one other foundation staff or board member. This could be a board champion and a key staff member with expertise related to specific modules. Every individual must have attended the Community Foundation Boot Camp.

This action-oriented series is designed to equip foundations with the information and plans to drive organizational change. The series has been designed as a facilitated learning experience, meaning that your CEO must be fully invested and participate in the process. Participating community foundations must be ready to evolve their organization and break through internal or external barriers to build capacity for greater effectiveness and impact. 


​​Each module features subject matter experts with community foundation and nonprofit experience. Participants can hear new perspectives, as many of these speakers have not presented in previous GIFT programs. 


The cost for each module is $60 per person. 


For information on learning objectives, dates, or additional inquiries, please get in touch with JoAnna Ness or Amy Haacker.