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Developing Youth Philanthropists

Publication date: 
November, 2018
By Luana G. Nissan and Jill Gordon
Indiana Philanthropy Alliance

A guidebook to help foundations create engaging youth council programming that builds life skills of young people.

A growing number of community foundations are supporting youth councils as a way to engage next-gen philanthropists. However, providing relevant and engaging programming for these young people can be an added challenge for foundations with limited resources and growing community needs.

To help foundations better equip and engage their youth councils, Indiana Philanthropy Alliance (IPA) has released the guidebook Developing Youth Philanthropists.

This guidebook provides summaries of hands-on activities with embedded links to full activity instructions, lesson plans, handouts, videos, articles, and websites.

The Developing Youth Philanthropists guidebook is organized into IPA’s four-pillar model of youth philanthropy– Serving, Giving, Leading, Engaging. IPA’s four-pillar model offers a holistic approach youth can take at any age to be engaged and contributing members of their community and society.

Developing Youth Philanthropists outlines a variety of activities foundation staff can introduce to their youth councils at both introductory and advanced levels. Each activity can be customized to address the needs and continued development of newer youth council members, as well as those nearing the end of their time in the program.


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