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General News
Gov. Holcomb Announces $22 million for Broadband Expansion
August 08, 2019
Member News
Cass County Community Foundation to Continue Support of Student Robotics Teams with $15,000 Grant from AT&T Foundation
July 12, 2019
Member News
Over $250,000 in Grants Awarded to Support the “Future of Work” at Downtown Muncie’s MadJax
July 12, 2019
Member News
Butler Board of Trustees Approves $100 Million Sciences Upgrade, Largest Investment in Butler’s Future
June 27, 2019
Member News
Notre Dame awarded transformational Lilly Endowment grant to accelerate regional innovation and workforce and economic development
April 29, 2019
2018 Broadband Summit

Community Data Sources Webinar

Resource for members only

IPA’s Community Data Sources program features Cynthia Cunningham of Community Solutions showing our members where to find and how to use free online data tools. 

2018 IPA Conference
Indianapolis, IN
General News
Crouch, OCRA unveil rural strategic plan, focus on broadband availability
May 23, 2018
Member News
$10,000 Granted to Delaware County Teachers
May 09, 2018