Rural Philanthropy


Rural Fund Development 101:Starting and Growing Rural Community Endowments

Across rural America, people are joining together to do something new and different. They are launching and growing community endowments. Community endowments resemble savings accounts that grow over time. Local residents are using the interest earned on these community endowments—and the local energy and leadership that come from building them—to improve the quality of life for people, organizations and the places they call home.
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Rural Philanthropy: Building Dialogue From Within

In this report, the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy explores the disparity in giving between urban and rural nonprofits, and how geographical isolation and capacity-building needs greatly reduce the ability for rural nonprofits to secure funding. The report offers substantive recommendations on ways to make philanthropy more responsive to rural America.
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New Frontiers for Funding: An Introduction to Grantmaking in Rural Aging

This primer, focused on rural aging, provides guidance specifically for grantmakers. It includes information on how to get started; finding the right partners and grantees; defining and measuring success; examples of effective programs, and how working on rural aging issues can increase the impact of many different kinds of philanthropies.

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