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Farmers & Ag Producers: Community Foundation Ad Campaign

Publication date: 
October, 2023

This resource page includes podcasts, 60-second radio commercials, and ad graphics you can use to encourage farmers to engage with their local community foundation.

Indiana community foundations are welcome to use and repurpose this information, including posting to your website, encouraging local radio stations to air the ads, sharing on social media, and more.

All assets were used in an October 2023 ad campaign, which included:

  • Landing Pages: Ads link to this Brownfield landing page, where visitors can listen to all three podcasts. Listeners are also directed to IPA's page at to find their county community foundation.
  • Audio Files: IPA has produced three 60-second commercials and three long-format podcasts.
  • Radio Distribution: Participating stations include all 48 Brownfield Base Affiliates in Indiana airing the 18 network :60 messages. This translates to 864 local announcements throughout the month of October. (6am-7pm, Monday-Friday). Ads are scheduled adjacent to or embedded in farm programming at the affiliate’s discretion.
  • Podcast Distribution: Interviews are posted on Art19, a platform that distributes to other major hosts like Apple, Android, iHeart, Soundcloud, Stitcher, etc. 
  • Digital Ads: Various ads link to Brownfield's landing page are used in paid promotions across Brownfield website banners, email, social media (Twitter/Facebook), etc. Digital ads follow farmers within Brownfield's database and show up on websites they visit across the internet. 


IPA wants to thank these members who connected us with local farmers and who helped make this project a success: Dan Davis at the Community Foundation of Jackson County, Beth Tevlin at Wabash Valley Community Foundation, and Tami Wenning at Decatur County Community Foundation. Special thanks to Kelley Hoagland with the Community Foundation of Madison and Jefferson County for providing input on the radio ads.