Asset Development and Donor Services

PDF icon 23 Planned Giving Terms You Should Know-Blackbaud-2011.pdf243.69 KB
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PDF icon Avoiding the Highly Contagious Special Events Bug-Achieve LLC.pdf163.67 KB
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PDF icon Conducting a Raffle Fundraiser-COF-2012.pdf355.47 KB
PDF icon Could You Give Us Your Money Back, Please-COF-2010.pdf258.76 KB
PDF icon Creating a Donor-Initiated Fundraising Policy-COF-2012.pdf466.09 KB
Office presentation icon Creating a Strategy for Planned Giving-IPA-Miree & Associates-2010.ppt5.42 MB
PDF icon DAFs-A Face of American Philanthropy-COF-2007.pdf743.17 KB
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PDF icon Donor Advised Fund Flowchart-COF-2012.pdf350.23 KB
PDF icon Donor Cultivation-The Giving Path-Kadlec Foundation-2013.pdf357.28 KB
PDF icon Factors for Success-Increasing the Capacity to Raise Unrestricted Endowment-tcc group-2003.pdf477.86 KB
PDF icon Fidelity Charitable Giving Report-2013.pdf1.61 MB
PDF icon Golf Outings-Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability-ECFA.pdf152.77 KB
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PDF icon How to Talk to Donors About Planned Gifts-Target Analytics-2009.pdf2.14 MB
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PDF icon Making Planned Giving Work for You-Blackbaud-2004.pdf163.03 KB
PDF icon Peak Performance-Strategic Stewardship for Planning Giving Programs-Blackbaud-2011.pdf221.66 KB
PDF icon Planning Involving Real Property & Charitable Concepts-Davidson Gift Design-2012.pdf282.14 KB
PDF icon Prospect Research for the Non-Researcher-Blackbaud-2011.pdf214.98 KB
PDF icon Providing for the Long Term Supporting Endowments and Investable Assets-Grantcraft-2003.pdf184.2 KB
PDF icon PULSE of Donor Relations Survey Results and Observations-Donor Relations Guru-2013.pdf1.17 MB
PDF icon Staying on the Right Track-COF-2010.pdf436.17 KB
PDF icon Taxable Distributions for DAFs-COF-2006.pdf97.39 KB
PDF icon The Unified Registration Statement-Multi-State Filing Project-2012.pdf2.01 MB
PDF icon Understanding and drafting NP gift acceptance policies - Miree.pdf269.22 KB
PDF icon Unlocking Heir Property Ownership-2013-Appleseed Center.pdf11.39 MB
PDF icon Why You Need Gift Acceptance Policies-Target Analytics-2008.pdf1.11 MB
PDF icon Asset Dev Day-Donor Relationships-Velo Philanthropic Advising-5.8.14.pdf2.74 MB
PDF icon Asset Dev Day-Planned Giving Techniques, Purcell, Phil-5.8.14.pdf856.33 KB
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