2014 Event Materials

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The resources listed below are from the following 2014 GIFT events:

  • Legal Aspects of Fund Management Day-March 11, 2014
  • Asset Development Day-May 8, 2014
  • CED/ED Leadership Retreat-August 12 & 13, 2014
  • Finance and Investment Day-October 8, 2014

GIFT Halloween Webinar: Cemetery Funds and Other Scary Things

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Phil Purcell will cover assorted topics in charitable giving:
•Very Scary (and Not So Scary) Cemetery Funds
•Control from the Grave: Dealing with Donor Restrictions on Gifts
•Judge Dredd Rules: Valuation of Non-cash Gifts and Gift Receipts -- Beware!
•Big Brother is Watching: Government Grants and Gifts of Municipal Bonds
•Tales from the Dark Side: Life Insurance, Reinsurance, and Gift Annuities
•Ghoul Lead Trusts
•Son of Accelerated Charitable Remainder Trust

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A Closer Look at Foundation Administrative Expenses

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Amid the growing public scrutiny of philanthropy in recent years, legislators, the media and the general public are taking a closer look at foundations’ administrative expenses. This article offers some guidance to help foundations manage, benchmark and report their administrative expenses in ways that can effectively demonstrate and ensure they are spending their dollars wisely to fulfill the public trust.