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Indiana Foundation Stats | Tool for funding data

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Indiana is home to 1,228 foundations with assets of $20.7 billion. To promote transparency and understanding, IPA has partnered with Candid to bring top-line data about the philanthropy landscape to regional foundations, nonprofits, policymakers, and media using the Indiana Foundation Stats website.

This interactive dashboard offers insights into:

  • The composition of foundations in Indiana
  • The giving priorities of those foundations
  • Grant distributions in Indiana by all foundations, regardless of location

In the most recent year of complete data:

  • There were 1,228 foundations with assets of $20.7 billion and giving of $1.7 billion in 2016. 
  • 50% of grantmaking went to general support, capacity building, and financial sustainability, while only 1% went to public engagement and marketing.
  • Indiana foundations accounted for 75% of giving to Indiana recipients. See the top 25 out-of-state funders.
  • Education continues to be the top funding priority for Indiana foundations. Education represented 29% of total giving in 2016.
  • The top population groups benefiting from Indiana giving were economically disadvantaged (26% for 2016) followed by children and youth (20% for 2016). See more population focus areas here.

Indiana Foundation Stats was made possible by a partnership between the United Philanthropy Forum and Candid, and joins alongside other regions including California, Connecticut, and the Southeast in this important transparency and knowledge-sharing effort.

The dashboard represents the latest available grants data from the Internal Revenue Service and a pool of foundations who directly share their giving information with Candid. It is important to note that the most complete data is shown under 2016, as data for the last two years is still being collected by Candid. Foundations can contribute their most recent data easily and in doing so, strengthen the overall picture of Indiana Philanthropy. Go here to learn how to easily share your data.

Pro Tips

There are lots of ways to interact with this tool and view data. Below are some pro tips to help guide you.




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