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December, 2018

Sarah Mann Willcox of North Carolina Network of Grantmakers posed a question on United Philanthropy Forum's listserv asking for podcast recommendations for foundations.

The below list is the result of Sarah's inquiry, which includes podcast recommendations from philanthropy serving organizations across the country.

If your foundation has a podcast to include in our list, please let us know.


For Good Podcast
Central Indiana Community Foundation
This podcast highlights stories about passion, purpose and progress in Marion and Hamilton counties, Indiana.

Taking Care In Business
Bohlsen Group
This podcast dives into the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility from many different perspectives. Host Kathy Pedrotti Hays is an expert in CSR and philanthropic giving, and her co-host Vicki Bohlsen is the founder and CEO of Bohlsen Group, a unified marketing company that was also the first B Corp certified company in Indiana.

100&Change Podcast
Chronicle of Philanthropy and MacArthur Foundation
The Chronicle of Philanthropy, in conjunction with the philanthropy radio show The Business of Giving, featured a series of interviews with the 100&Change semi-finalists. You can listen to their conversations and learn more about their proposals to change how society cares for children in orphanages, eliminate hidden hunger, eliminate needless blindness, improve newborn survival in Africa, digitize millions of books, educate refugee children, and more.

Brain Trust Philanthropy
This podcast brings you free flowing conversations with top leaders in fundraising, philanthropy, and the nonprofit sector so that you can become a bolder leader, build better relationships, and raise more money for your organization. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as we share ideas that will transform your nonprofit.

Annie E. Casey Foundation
A pioneering philanthropy podcast, CaseyCast explores the well-being of America's families and neighborhoods, highlighting solutions that improve the lives of children. Hosted by Lisa Hamilton, the show features in-depth conversations with today's prominent advocates, practitioners, policymakers and researchers.

Community Impact Pod
Hawaii Community Foundation
This podcast offers short form stories about how giving is creating change in Hawaii. The Hawaii Community Foundation partners every day with generous donors to help them act on their passions and to meet the far ranging needs of a diverse community like ours.

Dollars and Change
Wharton Social Impact Initiative
Join hosts Katherine Klein, Sherryl Kuhlman, Sandi Hunt, and Nick Ashburn to hear from guests in corporate social responsibility, impact investing, impact entrepreneurship, and more. Our goal is “edutainment” – to combine education and entertainment each week as listeners learn from guests ranging from the head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Starbucks to the CEO of the Gates Foundation.

Field Notes in Philanthropy
The Johnson Center
When we say “philanthropy,” we’re including the entire ecosystem of nonprofit workers, organizations, donors, foundations, and volunteers who make up the social sector in the United States.

Foundation Source
Foundation Source
Listen to hear about trailblazing entrepreneurs and next-generation philanthropists transforming philanthropy with innovative strategies and inspiring ideas.

Grow Your Giving Podcast
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
This podcast discusses philanthropic topics to help donors enjoy giving more.

Inside BCF
Baltimore Community Foundation
Inside BCF is a regular look at the Baltimore Community Foundation’s work to make Baltimore better. Join to learn about innovative solutions and progress on the ground.

Inspired Giving – Community Foundation of Tampa Bay
Community Foundation of Tampa Bay
Join to hear about nonprofits and people making an impact in the Tampa Bay area.

Lannan Podcasts
Lannan Foundation
Lannan Foundation is a family foundation dedicated to cultural freedom, diversity, and creativity through projects which support exceptional contemporary artists and writers, as well as inspired Native activists in rural indigenous communities. This site is for their audio and video podcasts.

Open Door Philanthropy
Unfunded List
Unfunded List founder Dave Moss has over a decade of experience with both fundraising and grantmaking. In this podcast, he travels the country with a microphone interviewing major philanthropists and experts.

Orgin Stories
The Leakey Foundation
This award-winning podcast returns for a third season with eight all-new audio documentaries about how we became human. This season features archival material from the Foundation's 50-year archive of lectures from brilliant scientists such as Dian Fossey, Mary Leakey, Margaret Mead, and Carl Sagan.

Philanthropy and Friends
Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation
This podcast spotlights Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation partners in the nonprofit community.

Philanthropy Hour
Social Venture Partners
This is the podcast for social sector ideas. It features interviews with philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, impact investors, and inspirational individuals who are making a difference in our communities and our world through social good.

Philanthropy Podcast: A Resource for Nonprofit Leaders and Fundraising and Advancement Professionals
The Philanthropy Podcast explores joys, challenges, and opportunities in philanthropy so leaders and aspiring leaders can create a better world.

Philanthropy Unfiltered
The Center for High Impact Philanthropy (University of Pennsylvania)
This eight-episode podcast series featuring conversations on giving, innovation, and social change- unfiltered. Introduced by the Center’s founding executive director Katherina Rosqueta and hosted by Ubuntu Education Fund founder and CEO Jacob Lief, the series highlights innovative practices in the field, debunks myths about the nonprofit sector, and addresses some of the most controversial issues related to giving and social change, including overhead, sustainability, and impact. Episodes feature leading voices in the field who draw their expertise from a variety of backgrounds- including social entrepreneurship, advocacy, journalism, and more- to challenge the status quo dialogue.

Stanford Social Innovation Review Podcast
Stanford Social Innovation Review
This podcast features talks and lectures by leaders of social change, and is co-hosted by Stanford Social Innovation Review Managing Editor Eric Nee.

Successful Generations Podcast
Ellie Frey Zagel
Successful Generations is a podcast for the next generation of family business, family philanthropy and family wealth. The podcast covers all the taboo topics--family dynamics, money, obligation and so much more. We ask the questions that you’ve always wanted to ask, but couldn’t. All to help you be the best leader you can be. 

SVCF Philanthropy Now
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
SVCF engages donors and corporations from Silicon Valley, across the country and around the globe to make our region and world better for all. They explore trends in the world of philanthropy, SVCF's work on challenging problems, and other social impact initiatives in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Sweet Charity
Philanthropy Roundtable
Karl Zinsmeister's podcast, Sweet Charity, is a short weekly stories about how private giving solves public problems. The Philanthropy Roundtable’s mission is to foster excellence in philanthropy, to protect philanthropic freedom, to assist donors in achieving their philanthropic intent, and to help donors advance liberty, opportunity, and personal responsibility in America and abroad. Follow

The Life You Can Save
Peter Singer
This podcast works to turn the tide on extreme poverty.

The Nonprofit Experience
Philanthropy Journal (N.C. State Nonprofit Institute)
The Nonprofit Experience is a podcast project from Philanthropy Journal that brings together nonprofit practitioners, supporters, academics, and service beneficiaries for conversations about what it's like to be impacted by the sector. These creative collisions show us that there is no one nonprofit experience, but a whole community of people dedicated to and affected by nonprofit work

The Social Strategist Project
Center for Social Impact Communications (Georgetown University)
Who are the people who think they can–and indeed are–changing the world for the better? That’s the central question explored in a two-year study that culminated in conversations with nearly 50 disruptive social impact leaders. (Check out the episodes on the McArthur Foundation and Michael J. Fox Foundation)

The Well Endowed Podcast
Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF)
Edmonton is full of passionate people dedicated to building a vibrant community. The Well Endowed Podcast explores the impact that these municipal champions. You’ll hear stories about ECF donors and what inspires their generosity. You will also hear about the people who use ECF support to build and sustain social initiatives, empower youth, strengthen arts and culture, and so much more.

Tiny Spark
Aquired by Nonprofit Quarterly in 2018
This podcast investigates philanthropy, nopnrofits, and for-profit social good initiatives. They feature in depth interviews and shoe leather reporting from across the globe. Tiny Spark was founded in 2011 by former Africa correspondent Amy Costello and has included an investigation into Toms Shoes and exposed the harm caused by medical volunteers in post-quake Haiti. The program also features in-depth interviews with leading voices from the world of nonprofits, philanthropy, and international aid.

To a Degree: A Higher Ed Podcast
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
To A Degree, the Postsecondary Success team’s higher education podcast, highlights the people, institutions, and organizations that are working to provide all students with a high-quality and affordable postsecondary experience, especially those at the greatest risk of being left out. Moderated by Casey Green, To A Degree explores promising solutions and innovative policies to improve outcomes for every student.

We Can Be - Stories of Community and Possibility
The Heinz Endowments
Give your life a healthy dose of inspiration by listening or subscribing to The Heinz Endowments’ new weekly podcast “We Can Be.” Hosted by Endowments’ President Grant Oliphant, the podcast brings listeners thoughtful and informed discussions on local, national and global challenges, and showcases the work of nonprofits and regional institutions. The 20-episode season features leaders as they share the often moving, sometimes funny and always inspiring accounts of how they came to believe that together we can be a healthier, smarter, and more creative and just community.

15 Impact Investing Podcasts to Explore
Compiled by the Case Foundation
These podcasts give investors a window into the ins and outs of Impact Investing by showcasing conversations with professionals and leaders in the field.