Crown Point Community Foundation's $2.5M Matching Challenge Completes

Friday, August 12, 2022

Announced just 20 months ago by the Crown Point Community Foundation, the $2.5 million dollar Matching Challenge, made possible by the Dean and Barbara White Family Foundation, is complete. This $1 for $1 matching challenge provided donors the opportunity to grow endowed funds of their choice and to increase operating endowment funds to cover the operating costs of the Crown Point Community Foundation.

For every dollar that was donated to an endowment fund held at the CPCF, the match contributed another dollar. As these endowments grow, their annual distributions increase, providing more grant dollars out into the community advancing a multitude of opportunities.

“Crown Point is where Dean and Barbara White raised their family,” said CPCF Board Member and Ex Officio John Barney. “They loved our city. Over the years both Dean, Barbara and the White Family Foundation have supported many important projects. Crown Point Community Foundation was fortunate to be the recipient of a $2.5 million dollar matching gift from them. Thank you Whites for showing your love for Crown Point in this way.”

“We were so thrilled and humbled to see the community rally around the special gift the Dean and Barbara White Family Foundation offered us,” said Crown Point Community Foundation Chairman Chrisanne Christ. “Being able to double the impact in supporting our mission of enriching the quality of life in South Lake County is so fulfilling. Our huge thank you to the Dean and Barbara White Foundation and all the donors that made this possible. Your generosity is strengthening our community for generations to come!”

In total, the Matching Challenge captured $1,444,204.69 in contributions to the CPCF’s operating funds and $1,055,795.31 to other endowed funds.

“This generous matching opportunity has strengthened the ability of the Crown Point Community Foundation to better serve the nonprofits of South Lake County,” said CPCF Board Member and Grant Committee Chair, Darryl Miller. “We owe the Dean and Barbara White Family Foundation our gratitude for this gift.”

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