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Preparing New Generations to Serve on Family Foundation Boards

Publication date: 
February, 2020
Indiana Philanthropy Alliance

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Family foundations have some of the strongest values for philanthropic giving, and many of those values endure through generations of family involvement. But how do you best prepare new generations to serve on a foundation board?

Join the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance and representatives from the Ball Brothers Foundation and Tracy Family Foundation for a webinar about working with multiple generations to prepare them for grantmaking and giving through a foundation. Jenna Wachtmann, program office at Ball Brothers Foundation, will highlight Ball Brothers Associate Director Program which provides an opportunity for family members to become acquainted with the grantmaking process, see the foundation and board in action, and determine whether the board meeting schedule is feasible. This opportunity lets individuals explore, in advance, if they are a good fit for the board.

Jean Buckley, president of the Tracy Family Foundation will highlight the foundation's vision to make the world a better place through engaged, thoughtful, and strategic philanthropy. She will highlight how the foundation builds a legacy of leadership and generosity among Tracy Family members through active participation in opportunities provided by the foundation. This engagement results in family members who are knowledgeable about the nonprofit sector and family members who are inspired to give back of their time, talent and/or treasures to nonprofit organizations.

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