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Nonprofit Works: Bureau of Labor Statistics Data on Nonprofit Employment & Wages

Publication date: 
May, 2022
John Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies

The Nonprofit Works interactive database contains a full set of data on nonprofit employment, wages, and establishments in states and counties throughout the U.S.

The nonprofit sector is a far more significant part of the employment landscape of the U.S. than is widely understood, employing the third largest workforce, and supporting the third largest payroll, of any U.S. industry behind only retail trade and manufacturing. What is more, this sector continues to be unusually dynamic blunting the impact of the most recent U.S. recession by continuing to add jobs while the country’s for-profit business sector shed jobs at an alarming rate.

By putting these data in the hands of users both nationally and at the state and local level, NP Works makes it possible for them to:

  • Document the enormous scale and dynamism of this sector in their locales;
  • Show that nonprofits contribute significantly to local tax revenues;
  • Demonstrate the competitive wages that nonprofits offer in their fields; and
  • Spot key trends potentially threatening the nonprofit role.

With Nonprofit Works, you will be able to:

  • Report how many jobs nonprofits support in your state or county;
  • Identify the fields in which nonprofits make their contributions;
  • Compare nonprofit wages to those in business and government in the same fields;
  • Chart the relative growth of nonprofit and for-profit entities in key service fields; and
  • Identify gaps in nonprofit coverage.