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Regional Opportunity Initiatives (ROI) Awards Monroe County Community School Corporation with $1.2 million Ready Schools Implementation Grant

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC) is the largest school district in the 11-county Indiana Uplands region, serving 20 percent of the region’s students (pre-K through grade 12). MCCSC will use its Ready Schools implementation funding to support a multi-year district-wide plan focused on college, career, and life readiness for all students. The grant will fund five distinct strategies: project-based learning, STEAM and hands-on learning, career awareness activities, entrepreneurship activities, and community and industry partnerships.

“We are very proud to award this grant and look forward to the opportunities it will make possible for the 11,000 students of MCCSC,” said ROI President and CEO Tina Peterson. “Throughout the Ready Schools process, MCCSC has embraced the important role it must play in regional economic prosperity,” added Peterson. 

“MCCSC’s Ready Schools design team worked thoughtfully to engage business leaders, community stakeholders, parents, and students in meaningful dialogue. This engagement informed the MCCSC’s Ready Schools implementation plan, carefully developed to equip students from pre-K through graduation with the skills necessary to thrive in regionally relevant careers and 21st-century jobs. We feel confident that the plan MCCSC has developed will benefit both the local community and the Indiana Uplands region as well.”

More information about each of MCCSC's strategies, read the full press release below.

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