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Member Spotlight: Gina Apple, Monarch Beverage Co.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Gina Apple, Monarch Beverage

Gina Apple is the Department Manager of Customer Service at Monarch Beverage Co. Read Gina's member spotlight to learn how her background in nonprofit work fuels her companies social impact.

How’d you get started in this work?

Most of my career has been in the nonprofit world. I worked in the Lawrence Township School system for 24 years and then went to the Benjamin Harrison YMCA as Member Involvement Director and managed the Pioneering Heathier Communities grant. Through the collaboration of corporate entities implementing healthy strategies in the work place, an opportunity came about with Monarch Beverage Co.

Tell us what you do in your work.

Currently in my role as Dept. Manager of Customer Service, I develop and implement best practices and metrics with a focus on efficiencies/compliance, oversee donations processes/measure impact, analytically manage ticket distribution/reporting, offer general customer service support internally and externally cultivating relationships/providing resolutions, organize events, and engage in community outreach. This position manages the Inside Sales team, Community & Customer Support Specialist, Reception, and Chain Pricing Administrator.

What’s happening at your organization?

Monarch’s continued success as the largest beer distributor in Indiana is thriving because of the commitment to the employees and level of unmatched service provided to customers. Change is never a bad word as we continue to grow and look for opportunities that coincide with our state of the art Vertique picking system resulting in more jobs and revenue for Indiana.

What’s the biggest impact your organization has made this year?

I challenge anyone to find a more dedicated, loyal, hard-working staff than the group at Monarch. The Core Principals driving our mission are evidenced through the integrity of the employees. Beyond the numerous benefits available, Monarch gives back generously to the community allowing nonprofits to capitalize on fundraising dollars. Employees are also encouraged and committed to be actively engaged in making an impact through volunteering and outreach.

What talent or superpower would you most like to have?

I believe that as individuals our attitude and approach to each day with a positive outlook can drive us to be a better person today than yesterday.  The one superpower I wish I had, though, is one that would shut off the voices in my head at night that keep me awake! 

Who/What inspires you?

People that inspire me are those who don’t miss a beat when it comes to the decision to foster relationships, are open-minded of diversities and cultures, and live with purpose. 


Contact Gina

Do you have questions for Gina or ideas for collaboration? You can contact her at:

Phone: 317.612.3187
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