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Foellinger Foundation Announces $500K Signature Grant to Associated Churches for ‘Let’s GROW!’ Program

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Foellinger Foundation announces that it has awarded Associated Churches a grant in the amount of $500,000 for three-year support of the Let’s GROW! early childhood development program. This brings the Foundation’s total investment in the program to more than $1.7M since 2011.

View the video conference here.

Let’s GROW! asks, “Where do those in need go for childcare and early childhood education?” and offers an ecumenical solution that supports ministries across our community, particularly those in some of the lowest-income neighborhoods of the city.

In addition to financial and technical support, these funds help with skills development for caregivers, raising the quality of childcare being delivered.

As the program moves in to 2021–2023, the program is stepping up its individualized help, including the hiring of a coach to reach out to urban center directors on a regular basis to ensure they have the technology and support necessary to navigate the complexities and requirements for early childhood programs.

The Let’s GROW! program serves over 1,000 children each year.

“Foellinger Foundation’s mission is to strengthen organizations that serve children and families—particularly those with the greatest economic need and least opportunity. We believe our Signature Grants have made a legacy-level impact on our community. It’s an exciting day to affirm our support of Associated Churches and Let’s GROW!,” said Cheryl Taylor, President, Foellinger Foundation.

Learn more by visiting the website of Foellinger Foundation ( or Associated Churches (

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