Foellinger Foundation announces $2.6 million grant to Taylor University for Summer Clubhouse Program

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Foellinger Foundation has announced a $2.6 million grant to provide three-years’ support to the Summer Clubhouse program. The Taylor University program operates at multiple locations and provides programming for youth that encourages positive social, emotional, and academic development.

Foellinger Foundation and the Summer Clubhouse have similar objectives. The foundation is proud to support the program as it works to:

  • Develop relationship skills and self-confidence in over 600 children
  • Provide opportunities for family involvement
  • Reinforce academic skills throughout the summer

“We are pleased to invest in this program as it expands from six to seven locations to reach more children in need,” said Cheryl Taylor, Foellinger Foundation President. “The Summer Clubhouses work to develop personal assets of these children through social interaction, team-based activities and problem solving projects.”

This grant in support of the Summer Clubhouse program is one of Foellinger Foundation’s Signature Grants. To date, the foundation has provided $8.9 million in support Summer Clubhouses. This program has operated for 18 years with a focus on grades K-4th and also offers healthy meals, field trips, and aftercare assistance.

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