2018 Legislative Luncheon Recap

Friday, December 14, 2018

Advocacy helps the philanthropic sector advance its mission, increase its funding sources, and solve community and societal problems. That is why advocacy is a key component of Indiana Philanthropy Alliance’s mission. We believe that developing relationships and effective collaborations with policymakers will help us all work together to build a better quality of life for individuals and families across Indiana.

In 2018 we convened nine legislative lunches across the state. Over 150 foundation and community leaders came to hear from 49 state legislators, congressional staff, and each other. Our goals were simple:

  • To further our members’  relationships with their elected officials
  • To  educate our elected officials about what foundations do and how we can work together to create long lasting change in our communities
  • To identify key issues in our communities, and begin talking about ways to move them forward

While all communities in our state are unique, it came as no surprise that all regions are dealing with similar priorities and that these issues are connected to the overall health of communities and their residents:

  • Education: particularly the funding of Pre-K
  • Workforce Development: Connecting classrooms with careers that don’t require college; increasing STEM education, mentoring, and reaching students early abut career planning
  • Substance Abuse/Health Issues: Addressing the opioid crisis, the stigma of addiction, and the availability of treatment
  • Community Development: Increasing gap between income levels; rural vs. urban issues
  • Quality of Place: Attracting and retaining talent

As IPA develops advocacy programming and learning opportunities, we, along with input from our Public Policy Committee and Board of Directors, will integrate these community issues into what information and opportunities we provide to our members in 2019 and in our strategic planning process. 

A more detailed summary of these lunches will be available in January. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Becky Honeywell, Director of Member and External Relations, at 317.630.5200, X. 111 or bhoneywell@inphilanthropy.org.

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