Early Childhood Development

The resources listed below are a selection of items available in our searchable library of resources.

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First Five Years Fund

First Five Years Fund has created a range of communications tools and resources for advocates to customize and use, including videos and infographics.

National Center for Children in Poverty

NCCP's Improving the Odds for Young Children project provides information on states' efforts to support the well-being and school success of young children.

Zero to Three

Zero to Three provides information and resources on the development of infants and toddlers, including state fact sheets.


ReadyNation has a collection of advocacy tools focusing on the economic case for investing in early childhood, as well as research on the economic benefits of early childhood investments.

Three Core Concepts in Early Development

This three-part video series depicts what science tells us about early childhood development and how early experiences are built into our bodies and brains for better or for worse.

Center on the Developing Child

Resources created by the Center on the Developing Child seek to close the gap between what experts know about the science of early childhood and what the public understands and does about it.

Early Warning! Why Reading by the End of Third Grade Matters

This report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation calls for a renewed emphasis on reading success by outlining the challenges, issuing recommendations and providing state-level data to help stakeholders rally around this critical call to action.

Why Early Childhood Matters: Early Brain Development Presentation

The Why Early Childhood Matters: Early Brain Development Presentation is a resource to share with community leaders about the importance of early brain development and how a child's experiences in the first five years can build either a strong or weak foundation for future learning, health and life success.