2017 Event Materials

Publication date: 
January, 2017

The materials below are from the following 2017 GIFT events/programs:

  • Back Office Deep Dive Day-March 16, 2017
  • Technology Deep Dive Day-May 3, 2017
  • Development and Stewardship Deep Dive Day-August 16, 2017


Materials from Promise Indiana Deep Dive Day held on February 23, 2017 are located here.

PDF icon Back Office Deep Dive Day Agenda 3.16.17.pdf145.91 KB
PDF icon Back Office DDD Presentation-3.16.17.pdf2.51 MB
PDF icon Back Office DDD Speaker Bios.pdf231.31 KB
PDF icon Process Pain Points Summary.pdf222.9 KB
PDF icon Back Office Efficiency Spectrum.pdf220.8 KB
PDF icon Back-Front Functions.pdf73.9 KB
PDF icon GIFT Idealware Research.pdf85.83 KB
PDF icon Hancock CCF Dashboard 2016 SAMPLE.pdf228.34 KB
PDF icon Jackson County Dashboard.pdf227.68 KB
PDF icon Cost Sustainability Tool Summary.pdf100.65 KB
PDF icon CLA - Six levels of Outsourcing.pdf91.29 KB
PDF icon PEO Info Sheet.pdf405.17 KB
PDF icon Huntington CF Dashboard.pdf342.12 KB
PDF icon Three Rivers Area CF Presentation.pdf304.77 KB
PDF icon Hub Software Comparison.pdf187.51 KB
PDF icon Financial HUB cost estimating questionaire.pdf501.19 KB
PDF icon Financial HUB proposal to clients.pdf655.72 KB
PDF icon Financial HUB cost explanation letter.pdf270.22 KB
File Hancock CCF Dashboard 2016 SAMPLE.xlsx42.23 KB
File Huntington CF Dashboard.pptx302.86 KB
PDF icon IPA-Dick Myers Community Foundation Webinar 2017 Distribution.pdf1.19 MB
PDF icon IPA-TechSoup Presentation for Technology Deep Dive Day.ver2_.pdf1.81 MB
File Information security checklist-Putnam County.docx24.34 KB
PDF icon 2016 Snapshot - Estate Gift Report.pdf362.22 KB
PDF icon 2016_5-6 UPDATED Crescendo GiftLegacy Group Product Matrix 2016-5-6.pdf68.38 KB
PDF icon CFEC Charitable Instruments.pdf548.96 KB
PDF icon CFEC Estate Planning Suggested Topics.pdf17.94 KB
PDF icon CFEC Testamentary Fund Agreement Form.pdf846.94 KB
PDF icon CFPlannedGivingonSteroids-8-16-Clontz.pdf441.65 KB
PDF icon eBooklet - Gift Planning Guide.pdf1.1 MB
PDF icon eBooklet - Retirement Planning.pdf1.09 MB
PDF icon EDS IndianaPhilanthropyAlliancePartnership_2017_07V3.pdf159.61 KB
PDF icon Kosciusko CCF_Pro_Advisor_Sheet_fnl.pdf178.84 KB
PDF icon Professional Advisor-Applying for CE.pdf20.1 MB