Learn, connect, collaborate, and advocate as part of Indiana’s vibrant philanthropic community.

Why Join?

Philanthropy is an inventive and collaborative enterprise. It involves harnessing resources, know how, and the capacity of others. Working together and sharing ideas results in better, faster, and more lasting impact. In Indiana, IPA is the infrastructure of building sustainable, impactful philanthropy across the state and beyond.

Share the Journey
Philanthropy is a shared journey. Our member network connects you with fellow philanthropists and fosters powerful collaborative work that builds stronger communities.

Cost-effective Learning and Interaction with Peers
IPA provides convenient, inexpensive programming and idea-sharing on a monthly basis. We’re always looking for your ideas and input on learning topics and best practices.

Make Better Decisions
Grantmaking isn’t the same everywhere. Only IPA provides Indiana-specific news, research, and analysis. We use a broad range of communication vehicles to promote and share key facts, initiatives, and successes of IPA members.

Advocate for Regulations Favorable to Philanthropy
Get more engaged in policy and advocacy through IPA events and information. We proactively educate state and federal legisators on policy conducive to philanthropy. We provide events and information so you may get involved, develop relationships with policymakers, and stay informed. 

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To apply for membership, download, complete and submit the appropriate application:

  • Membership application for grantmaking foundations and corporate giving programs
  • Membership application for government agencies, regranting organizations, giving circles, professional philanthropic advisors, trust officers, and individuals


General Criteria

  • There is no membership requirement for a minimum amount of assets or grants made.
  • Grantmakers headquartered outside Indiana are eligible for membership, with dues based on the amount of grants made in Indiana.
  • Foundations and corporations that do not make grants in Indiana but are a member of another regional association of grantmakers may join at a flat rate of $500.

Membership is open to:

  • Any not-for-profit corporation or trust, a principal function of which is the making of charitable grants, and which either has its principle office in Indiana or makes substantial grants for charitable purposes in Indiana
  • Any for-profit corporation which makes grants for charitable purposes in Indiana
  • Types of organizations eligible include:
    • Community foundations
    • Public Foundations
    • Family Foundations
    • Independent Private Foundations
    • Corporate Foundations and Corporate Giving Programs
  • Associate Membership is open to the following categories:
    • Indiana-based government agencies that make grants
    • Regranting organizations operating on a state or local level (including United Ways or statewide intermediary organizations)
    • University and hospital foundations that engage in philanthropic support to their community in addition to supporting their own organization’s operations
    • Giving circles that exist outside of a community foundation
    • Professional philanthropic advisors and trust officers
    • Other qualified individuals (including retired grantmakers, former foundation board members and students of philanthropy)

If you do not meet our eligibility requirements but would like to support IPA and our mission to transform Indiana through effective philanthropy, or if you have questions about dues, please contact Becky Honeywell, Director of Member & External Relations, at 317.630.5200 Ext. 111.


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