Organizational Capacity


Tri-State CF Partnership Webinar | Being the Change: A Look at the Report

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In April 2018, FSG released the Being the Change report, which outlined 12 ways foundations are transforming themselves to transform impact. Built from interviews with over 100 practitioners in the field, the report highlights strategies that foundations might undertake to transform their internal practices to reflect the complex work they are doing externally. Join this webinar to learn more about the report and recommendations from FSG.


Tri-State CF Partnership Webinar | So You Want to Engage Next Gen? Lessons in Engagement, Straight From the Source

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Indiana Philanthropy Alliance has been talking with a new generation of creative and dedicated philanthropic professionals about their goals and needs and about what they hear from their peers. In this webinar, a few will share great ideas and practices around effective Next Gen engagement and you’ll hear other ideas picked up from IPA’s conversations.


Fund the People Toolkit

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Fund the People created this toolkit to provide practical guidance, promising practices, and illustrative data to help funders, nonprofits, and others to maximize investments in the nonprofit workforce. Nonprofit people are nonprofit programs. Given this reality, supporting the nonprofit workforce is an effective strategy for increasing performance, impact, and sustainability.

The toolkit features six content areas to help funders and nonprofit organizations invest in the nonprofit workforce as a strategy for improving the impact and sustainability of the organizations: