Claudia Cummings
(317) 630-5200, Ext. 118

Claudia is responsible for the overall management of IPA, including implementation of all ongoing organizational activities as well as objectives determined by the Board of Directors. She works with the Board in developing the IPA's role as a leader in philanthropy in the state. Claudia is a good person to talk to if you have questions about the vision or direction of IPA.

Rosemary Dorsa
Vice President, IPA
Director, GIFT (Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow)

(317) 630-5200, Ext. 114

Rosemary is responsible for the design and delivery of training and technical assitance programs for Indiana community foundations funded by Lilly Endowment Inc. Rosemary is a  good person to talk to if you would like to know more about the GIFT initiative or if you need assistance for your community foundation.

Sarah Geis
Director, Knowledge Management
(317) 630-5200, Ext. 117

Sarah helps members access a variety of resources and provides more in-depth research assistance. She also manages our website, conducts surveys, and assists with programming needs for members. 

Jill Gordon
Director of Learning
(317) 630-5200, Ext. 116

Jill  designs and develops a diverse offering of programs and events for IPA members, stakeholders, and partners. In this role she explores targeted initiatives and partnerships that support foundation development and impact. Jill also oversees technical assistance to support youth philanthropy. Contact her to learn more about IPA educational programs.

Belinda Gray
GIFT Consultant
Foundation Legal Help Desk Administrator
(317) 900-3000

Belinda assists with the administration and communication of community foundation learning opportunities, Foundation Legal Help Desk, and the Tri-State Community Foundation Partnership webinar series.

Sonya Hallett
GIFT Consultant
(317) 630-5200 Ext. 120

Sonya handles the coordination of various GIFT events and communications about GIFT resources. Sonya also assists in the administration of the Community Foundation Internship Program.

Becky Honeywell
Director, Member & External Relations
(317) 630-5200, Ext. 111

Becky directs activities that support and foster positive relations with IPA's key stakeholders, including grantmaking members, the larger organized philanthropic sector in Indiana, policymakers, media, and the general public. Reach out to Becky if you have questions about your membership or if you are interested in becoming a member.

Terri Johnson
Associate Director, GIFT (Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow)
(317) 630-5200, Ext. 128

Terri provides technical assistance in all aspects of the community foundation field, including on-site training for the boards and staff of community foundations. Terri also manages the Community Foundation Internship Program.

Julie Markland 
Program Associate
(317) 630-5200, Ext. 122

Julie supports youth philanthropy related programs, communications, resources, training, and initiatives.  She provides technical assistance to members on youth philanthropy while supporting IPA social media efforts.  She provides overall support for the delivery of youth philanthropy training and technical assistance. Contact Julie if you would like to learn more about youth philanthropy.

Catrena Morrow
Events and Member Services Coordinator
(317) 630-5200, Ext. 110

Catrena assists with planning and coordinating networking meetings, educational programming, and public-policy events. She also performs administrative and office support activities for senior management staff. Reach out to Catrena if you have an event registration question.

Sarah Origer
Program Manager, GIFT (Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow)
(317) 630-5200

Sarah serves as a “navigator” for the GIFT VII community leadership work funded by Lilly Endowment Inc. Contact Sarah if you have a question about GIFT VII leadership opportunities.

Jalen Roseberry
Program Coordinator, GIFT (Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow)
(317) 630-5200, Ext. 129

Jalen assists with the planning and coordination of all GIFT events, trainings, and initiatives directed at community foundations. Contact Jalen if you have a question about a GIFT-related event or resource.

Lissa Silotto 
Communications and Marketing Manager
(317) 630-5200, Ext. 113

Lissa oversees IPA's communications and marketing efforts. She develops tools and strategies related to communications, public relations, research, analysis, and engagement. Contact Lissa if you have a story to share or want to know how to better connect to IPA's network and resources.

Marilee Steckler 
Director, Office Operations
(317) 630-5200, Ext. 119

Marilee manages all day-to-day financial transactions and accounting files, membership records, data management, HR administration, and other office operations. She serves as a liaison with outside vendors and service providers. Marilee also supports Board and Audit Finance Committee meetings.