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Youth As Philanthropists

Publication date: 
June, 2000
Indiana Philanthropy Alliance
Community Partnerships with Youth, Inc.

Indiana Philanthropy Alliance’s (IPA) Youth As Philanthropists guidebook is an online educational tool used to teach young people—ages 12 through 18—about philanthropy, its value to their community, and how they can give their time, talent, and treasure. 

Ideal for youth workers, teachers, and facilitators, this user-friendly guidebook includes full lesson plans that provide the building blocks for philanthropic knowledge and experiential learning.

Youth As Philanthropists includes the following sections, each containing a variety of instructional activities:

Section 1: What in the World Is Philanthropy?

Section 2: The History of Philanthropy

Section 3: Developing Habits of Giving and Serving

Section 4: Taking Philanthropic Action

IPA gratefully acknowledges Community Partnerships with Youth, Inc., and its founders—Ann Hoover and Janet Wakefield—for their development of the material.