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Toyota Drives Toward Shared Value: A Mission to Strengthen Communities and Business

Publication date: 
April, 2020

Webinar Recording

Toyota believes an auto company can also be a vehicle for change. That’s why Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana is proud to partner with nonprofit organizations in the local communities where its team members live, work, and play.

Join Indiana Philanthropy Alliance and Tiffannie Hedin, corporate communications analyst for Toyota Motor North America, to hear about Toyota’s social innovation strategy that blends its mission and company needs with team members’ passion and needs of the community. Utilizing data, social trends, and innovative ideas for impact, Toyota Indiana has changed course from traditional philanthropy and is driving into the future with strategic impact on the horizon. Learn about Toyota Indiana's support programs and their commitment to providing local community assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Toyota Indiana support programs in key areas:

  • Education – Special consideration is given to STEM programs as we continue to develop our future workforce.
  • Inclusive Mobility – Connecting people to opportunities by developing inclusive mobility solutions.
  • Community Resilience – Building resilience by investing in needs required to thrive, specifically relating to environmental sustainability and driver/passenger safety.
  • Workforce Readiness – Providing support for programs and resources that help others prepare for or gain employment or seek better opportunities for careers.
  • Diversity – Embracing and celebrating what makes us different and supporting programs and initiatives to create a more inclusive world. ​​​


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