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The Status of Working Families in Indiana - 2018 Report

Publication date: 
August, 2018
Indiana Institute for Working Families

This report produced by Indiana Institute for Working Families (IIWF) finds that despite Hoosiers’ hard work, state policy choices are preventing them from being properly rewarded, with key indicators including incomes and rates of working poor families near the bottom of the Midwest, and with trends moving towards the South.

The new report includes data exclusive within Indiana through the Institute’s membership in the Economic Policy Institute’s Economic Analysis and Research Network, as well as analysis of federal, state, and county-specific data. The report covers issues of jobs, educational attainment, incomes, cost of living, poverty, economic self-sufficiency, taxes, and economic inequality. The report also explores the impact of policy decisions on working Hoosier families across genders and racial groups throughout Indiana.

Additional Resources by IIWF

In addition to IIWF's 2018 report, you will also find resources, slides, and links shared by IIWF Director Jessica Fraser after her presentation at IPA's Greater Indianapolis Program Officers meeting held in October 2018.

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