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Overcoming Obstacles: Successful Media Strategies to Share Impact

Publication date: 
October, 2017
Indiana Philanthropy Alliance

The giving season is fast approaching, which means an abundance of stories about giving and engaging youth and families in the media. Learn how to best prepare the story of your youth philanthropy program, your grants, and youth grantmakers.  YPII, YPC, and many others want to support you in getting your impact into the news.  This webinar will help to prepare you to develop and place your stories in the media.


Lynn G. Sygiel, Editor, Charitable Advisors

Lynn G. Sygiel is an experienced nonprofit executive, who has worked effectively in multiple disciplines, including fiscal management, training and development, strategic planning and implementation.  She is experienced in multiple sectors including youth work and education, as well as journalism and communications. For over 24 years as executive director of Y-Press (youth-media organization was based in Indianapolis), Lynn motivated, mobilized and coached young people to attain high performance standards and produce stories for The Indianapolis Star and WFYI (90.1 FM).

Lynn holds a teaching license from the state of Indiana and has a Master of Arts from Simmons College in Boston and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Elijah Washington

Elijah Washington is a 17 year old student at Riverside High School in Yonkers, New York. On top of his course load, he finds time to volunteer four to five days a week with various community organizations. He took his first stab at community service 3 years ago by starting a club called Youth Giving Back. Through this club, Elijah was able to help raise awareness and resources to donate to local shelters and food banks. His club also helps less fortunate kids celebrate Christmas during the holidays, build intergenerational relationship between the youth and elderly, and ways to counteract bullying. In addition to starting Youth Giving Back, Elijah was also involved with Groundwork Hudson Valley where he works to help improve struggling communities on the principle that by “changing places, we can change lives.” 

Ashley Rodriguez

Ashley Rodriguez started as a Community Philanthropist at the age of 16 for Youth funding Youth Ideas - a social justice philanthropy program from San Francisco - and now leads the program as a Coordinator. Ashley has dedicated six years to helping projects develop, ensuring community voice is present in the decision-making processes, and uplifting youth leadership.