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Not Your Mother's Meeting

Publication date: 
May, 2017
Indiana Philanthropy Alliance

Do you ever go to a meeting and wonder why you came?  Do your philanthropy meetings lack the fun and energy that keep people engaged and ready to participate? If so, this session might be for you. Join Jenna Ott from the Dekko Foundation and teens from their leadership program, phish, as they share best tips and tricks for successful meetings that won’t look anything like the ones your mother attends.


phish (philanthropic ideas strategy and heard) members

A group of teens who love philanthropy and play a leadership rolde within the Dekko Foundation's youth philanthropy initiatives.

Jenna Ott, Program Officer, Dekko Foundation

Jenna Ott is a Program Officer at the Dekko Foundation in Northeast Indiana.  Before coming to the Dekko Foundation, she worked as the Development Coordinator for the Community Foundation of Whitley County.  Jenna has a degree in Nonprofit Management from Manchester University and her MBA through the University of Saint Francis.  Jenna had her first experience with professional philanthropy at the age of 15, when she was selected as a member of the Youth Pod in her county.   Today she mentors the Dekko Foundation's youth philanthropy leadership team, phish...which is work that she loves!

Brittany Miller, Angola High School Senior

Brittany Miller is an Angola High School Senior.  She has been a member of FIST (Forever Improving Steuben Together), a Dekko Foundation Youth Pod, for five years.  During her time with FIST, Britany has served as President, Public Relations Coordinator, and Secretary.  She is now entering her second year as a member of phish, the Dekko Foundation’s youth philanthropy leadership team.  Brittany plans to attend Manchester University in the fall where she will study Business Management and French.