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Frequently Used Youth Philanthropy Resources

Publication date: 
April, 2020
Indiana Philanthropy Alliance
Phil and His Family's Adventures in Giving (aka "Phil's Gift Box") is an imaginative, creative resource that teaches youth about philanthropy and incorporates the spirit of generosity into their daily lives.  

Developing Youth Philanthropists is a guidebook to help foundations create engaging youth council programming that builds life skills of young people.

The Youth Philanthropy Infographic summarizes the survey of Indiana community foundations that host youth philanthropy programs. This information is used to better understand the work and impact of youth philanthropists in Indiana, and gives insight into youth philanthropic trends.
The Growing Lifelong Philanthropists illustration highlight important entry points within a young person’s life for introducing philanthropic concepts and opportunities.
Youth as Philanthropists is an educational resource that guides youth and youth workers through what philanthropy is, including the history of philanthropy, developing habits of giving and serving, and taking philanthropic action.