2018 Youth Philanthropy Survey

Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana

Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana (YPII) conducts an annual survey with Indiana Community Foundations that promote youth philanthropy through a youth council or school-based grantmaking program. Collected data is used to summarize the work and impact of youth philanthropists in Indiana communities, as well as provide insight into youth philanthropy trends.

The data below is a result of this survey, which was collected from 29 Community Foundations representing 30 counties. Each responding foundation has youth councils/school-based grantmaking programs. 

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Youth Philanthropy Data

Examples of Youth Grantmaking

  • Paws and Think: Support a program that allows at-risk youth to train shelter dogs
  • Acres of Hope, Inc: Project support for the Equine Therapy Program
  • 4-H Fairgrounds: Rails to Trails  beautification
  • Clark County Youth Shelter: Residential enrichment activities
  • Retired Senior Volunteer Program: Coat closets and food pantry
  • Columbia City United Methodist Church: Purchase of a bus that is handicap accessible for transport
  • Warsaw Community Schools: Grant to help bring a motivational speaker to all five district middle schools
  • Dolly Parton Imagination Library: Early literacy
  • Austin Middle School: Funding for restaurant outings so students with disabilities can learn life skills
  • Down Syndrome Association: Safari Summer Camp 2017

Activities Most Engaging and Rewarding for Youth

Ranked from Most to Least Rewarding

  1. Performing Service Projects
  2. Grantmaking Process
  3. Team-Building Exercises
  4. Attending Meetings
  5. Fundraising

Examples of Successful Service Projects

  • Retired Senior Volunteer Program: Helped organize coat closet
  • Second grade teachers and students: Read Across Kosciusko County - KEYS members visit all 16 elementary schools in our county to promote literacy and give away books
  • Senior Citizens: Hosted a senior citizen prom for those over 50 years of age as a way to help bridge the generational gap
  • Bulldog Backpacks (Orleans): Packing bags of food for weekend consumption by school-aged kids
  • St Mary's: 5th & 6th grade class presentation on philanthropy & community service
  • Beyond Homeless: Game night with children in the homeless shelter
  • Kids in foster care: Shop for Christmas presents
  • ARC of Noble County/Foundations: Helped with some cleanup and painting
  • Blackhawk Blessings (Springs Valley): Packing bags of food for weekend consumption by school-aged kids
  • Bell ringing: Salvation Army

Challenges for Staff

Ranked from Most to Least Challenging

  1. Member Engagement (Attendance/Commitment)
  2. Staff Time
  3. Member Recruitment
  4. Record-Keeping
  5. Financing

Success Stories/Quotes

"My service on the Youth Philanthropy Committee has been one of my most cherished experiences in high school. Not only does Youth Philanthropy provide each student with a chance to serve…but it also provides a unique opportunity for each member to grow as a leader devoted to service for the rest of their lives."

“When I first started PULSE I was shy. I was unable to speak comfortably in front of people and I was also clueless with regards to the impact that philanthropy had on people and communities. PULSE has changed my life in the best ways possible. I have learned to use my time, treasure, and talents to give back to the community and I will continue that.”

“From YPC, I have learned to be more social and vocal. I have had to take the initiative to talk to people and be open with my opinion in different issues.”

"KEYS has been an important part of my life…and has taught me many skills that I would never have had the opportunity to learn otherwise. I have gained knowledge in many areas, including learning how endowments and nonprofits work, constructing minutes for a meeting, being financially responsible for the grant-making funds KEYS distributes each year, playing an active role in a grant cycle, and making a difference in my community through philanthropic work.

“YPC has given me the amazing opportunity to learn about and become involved in a great community foundation. It has provided me with a way to not only give back to my community, but to learn while doing so.”

“At first, I knew nothing about or the process of funding grants. This council has helped educate me in the process. It has also just helped me become a more well-rounded person. I also feel it has helped me give back to the community.”

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