Contacts at Lilly Endowment Inc.

Michelle Beers's picture
Administrative Assistant, Education and Youth Programs
Ben Blanton's picture
Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel
Verna Boggs's picture
Finance and Administration Coordinator
Peter Buck's picture
Vice President for Investments
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Central Services Coordinator
Sabina Calhoun's picture
Administrative Assistant, Executive Operations
Judy Cebula's picture
Director of Communications
Lori Clark's picture
Adminstrative Assistant, Religion
Christopher Coble's picture
Vice President, Religion
Jackie Dowd's picture
Vice President for Evaluation & Special Initiatives
Jessicah Duckworth's picture
Program Director, Religion
Deitra Dunne's picture
Financial Associate
Dana Finlan's picture
Administrative Assistant, Religion
Mary Jo Fuller's picture
Librarian and Information Specialist
Susan Haber's picture
Program Director, Education and Youth Programs
Darleatha Harris's picture
Adminstrative Assistant, Education and Youth Program
Cathy Higgins's picture
Administrative Assistant, Education and Youth Programs
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Grants Coordinator, Community Development