Lending Library Policy

Who can check out materials from the Lending Library?
The IPA Lending Library is a member benefit. Only IPA members can check out materials from the library.

How can I check out materials?
When you are ready to borrow materials, contact us to see if the materials are available. We have limited copies of the items available.

How long can I keep the materials?
Items may be borrowed for a period of four weeks.

Is there a cost to borrow materials?
No, there is not cost. IGA will ship the materials and provide you with a pre-paid return shipping label.

How do I receive the materials?
IPA will ship the materials to you. If you prefer, you can pick the items up at our office.

What is the penalty for late or unreturned items?
If the items are not returned within one week of the due date, IPA will provide you with one reminder. If the items are not returned within two weeks of the due date, IGA may invoice you for the cost of the items.

How many items can I check out at a time?
Two materials can be checked out at one time.

What if the item that I want to check out is already checked out?
We will place you on the waiting list and notify you as soon as the item is available.

Please note that all the materials are copyrighted. For further information about the federal copyright laws, please see www.copyright.gov/laws

Contact us with any questions.