Community Foundation Internships Program

Community Foundation Internships (CFI) is a program of the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance funded by Lilly Endowment Inc. grant under its GIFT (Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow) initiative for Indiana community foundations.  CFI will further the Endowment’s efforts to build healthy community foundations and provide high-quality internship opportunities in Indiana. 

These internships are intended to provide real-life work experience for students wishing to advance their educational and personal development.  The placements will introduce those selected to the roles community foundations and philanthropy play in our community’s quality of life.  The experience will build project management, communication, creative, and organizational skills.

As of 2017, all but five community foundations have participated in the CFI program. The program has provided more than 425 Indiana college students with real-life work experiences and assisted the community foundations by providing much needed operational support in many areas. The interns have produced annual reports, organized annual events, prepared and implemented community needs assessments and performed many other administrative duties. Currently twenty-two interns have been hired as full-time employees by the community foundations after graduation.

Community foundations are required to submit a narrative stating their goals and objectives for their internship program for each county served by the community foundation for each semester.

The goals and objectives should be relevant to the needs and capacities of the particular community foundation and the county it serves. The goals and objectives should explain the number of interns expected during each semester; demonstrate a sound strategy for supervising the interns; beginning and ending date of employment for each intern; and a budget for compensation. A well-written job description that explains each intern’s duties is also required.  The interns must attend an Indiana college and have completed their freshman semester before they can apply.

For information on how to apply, contact Terri Johnson at or 317-630-5200 ext. 128. 

To access the grant applications, click here.