Lending Library

Our members have access to a collection of books on philanthropy and grantmaking housed at the IPA Lending Library. The following is a selection of available books. If you would like to borrow one of these books, please contact us. If you don't see what you are looking for or would like to suggest an addition to the Lending Library, please let us know.

Review the Lending Library Policy, which includes answers to frequently asked questions.

Effective practice

The Complete Guide to Grantmaking Basics: A Field Guide for Funders
Council on Foundations, 2008

The Insider’s Guide to Grantmaking 
Joel Orosz, 2000

Do More Than Give: Six Practices of Donors Who Change the World 
Leslie Crutchfield, John Kania and Mark Kramer, 2011

Collected readings (useful for reflection and discussion at board or staff retreats)

The Perfect Gift: The Philanthropic Imagination in Poetry and Prose 
Edited by Amy Kass, 2002

Giving Well, Doing Good: Readings for Thoughtful Philanthropists 
Edited by Amy Kass, 2007

Recommended for new foundations

The Foundation Guidebook: Building a Strong Foundation
Association of Small Foundations, 2008

For corporate funders

Serving Many Masters: The Challenge of Corporate Philanthropy
Council on Foundations, 2003

The Business of Changing the World: Twenty Great Leaders on Strategic Corporate Philanthropy
Marc Benioff and Carlye Adler, 2007

For family foundations

Splendid Legacy: The Guide to Creating Your Family Foundation
National Center for Family Philanthropy, 2002

Voyage of Discovery: A Planning Workbook for Philanthropic Families 
National Center for Family Philanthropy, 2001

Founder’s Guide to the Family Foundation: How to Use, Enjoy and Govern Your Family Foundation
Council on Foundations, 2005

Family Foundation Library Series
Includes: Governance, Grantmaking, Management, and Family Issues
Council on Foundations, 1997

For community foundations

Community Foundation Handbook: What You Need to Know
Council on Foundations, 2006

The Guide for Community Foundation Board Members, 2nd ed.
BoardSource, 2007

Donor-Initiated Fundraising: Issues and Guidelines for Community Foundations, 2nd ed.
Council on Foundations, 2006

Management and operations

Foundation Management Series (includes board composition and compensation, administrative and investment expenses, and fiscal oversight)
Council on Foundations, 2009

What Drives Foundation Expenses & Compensation?
The Urban Institute, the Foundation Center, and Philanthropic Research Inc., 2008

How to Calculate the Public Support Test
Council on Foundations, 2006


The Nonprofit Board Answer Book: A Practical Guide for Board Members and Chief Executives, 2nd ed.
BoardSource, 2007

BoardSource Committee Series
BoardSource, 2001

BoardSource Governance Series, 2nd ed.
BoardSource, 2009


How Effective Nonprofits Work: A Guide for Donors, Boards Members, and Foundation Officers
New Ventures in Philanthropy, 2002

Giving USA reports (multiple years)
Giving USA Foundation