Senior Philanthropic Advisor, Glick Philanthropies; Senior Donor Engagement Officer

Position Title: 
Senior Philanthropic Advisor, Glick Philanthropies; Senior Donor Engagement Officer
Organization Name: 
Central Indiana Community Foundation

REPORTS TO: Director of Effective Philanthropy


This high-responsibility, high-profile position is responsible for providing premier philanthropic services to Glick Philanthropies, including grantmaking, issue education, strategy and analysis. This position will work closely with foundation executives, leadership and community stakeholders, and must capably represent CICF’s values and brand. This position is critical due to the incumbent’s potential influence in the community, plans related to the current operation and future goals of the foundation, and access to highly confidential information. Incumbent must maintain high standards of ethics and confidentiality.


The following functions have been determined by CICF to be essential to the successful performance of this position.

1. Provide premier senior philanthropic counsel to the Glick Fund at CICF, including grantmaking, issue education, strategy and analysis.

  • Support Glick Philanthropies impact priorities
    • Facilitate grantmaking strategy meetings
    • Conduct briefings on community issues and opportunities as requested
    • Support strategic planning retreats and strategic plan development for Glick Philanthropies.
    • Lead and counsel Glick advisors on equity, including systemic racism, and how it intersects with grantmaking and philanthropy.
  • Manage the grantmaking process for the Glick Fund at CICF
    • Source grant applications based on Glick Philanthropies impact priorities
    • Perform grant applications assessments (approximately 50 to 75 assessments per year) and assemble grant review material
    • Facilitate grant committee review meetings (6 to 12 meetings per year: three committees; 1 to 4 grant review meetings per year per committee
  • Manage not-for-profit inquiries and grantee communications in Central Indiana
    • Manage all nonprofit inquiries and grantee communications (250 to 500 inquiries per year; approximately 5 to 10 inquires per week)
    • Evaluate inquiry fit against Glick Philanthropies impact priorities
    • Extend proposal concept invitation; extend invitations to submit a full application based on fit with Glick Philanthropies impact priorities
    • Communicate grant application decisions to applicants
    • Promptly answer questions from grantees in Central Indiana grants and evaluate grant impact for the Glick Fund at CICF
  • Monitor grants and evaluate grant impact for the Glick Fund at CICF
    • Manage the grantee reporting process
    • Manage grantee reporting and payments for matching grants
    • Evaluate the performance and impact of individuals grants
  • Lead and counsel Glick advisors on equity, including systemic racism, and how they intersect with the Glick Fund’s grantmaking and philanthropy.
  • Represent Glick Philanthropies at collaborative tables
    • Represent Glick Philanthropies at collaboratives that align with Glick Philanthropies priorities (examples include: Arts Funders, Education Funders, Indy CoC, Central Indiana Human Service Funders, etc.)
    • Provide briefings on collaboratives and offer strategies for Glick Philanthropies to leverage human and financial resources for impact
  • With director of community leadership, design and implement strategies to advance Far Eastside Success Initiative goals
    • Design, implement and manage resident and community engagement strategy
    • Represent Glick Philanthropies at Far Eastside collaboratives
    • Facilitate new collaboratives as gaps are identified
  • Provide comprehensive support to the TeenWorks Scholarship Fund and the Glick scholarships and education awards (Gene and Marilyn Glick Scholarship Fund and the Gene B. Glick Company Education Awards)
  • Providing comprehensive support to the Glick Gives Fund; a Glick employee charitable contribution matching fund
  • With CICF marketing and communications department, actively manage the Glick Fund at CICF webpages, provide public relations and communications support as needed.

2.    Serve as advisor to individual Glick family funds at CICF.

3.    Manage a small portfolio of mid-level engagement fundholders by supporting grants and gifts, and providing administrative support.

4.    All other duties as assigned.


The following are the qualifications and minimum requirements necessary for a person to perform this job.

  1. Ability to confidently perform the essential job functions of the position.
  2. Experience counseling highly engaged philanthropists and high-value funds.
  3. Experience in charitable giving, planned giving, customer service, grantmaking, project management, and/or task group management.
  4. Understanding and adherence to high standards of ethics and confidentiality.
  5. Working knowledge of opportunity, equity and inclusion issues, including systemic racism, and how they intersect with grantmaking and philanthropy.
  6. Entrepreneurial mindset—embraces critical questioning, innovation, service and continuous improvement.
  7. Ability to work effectively as part of a team and work independently with little supervision.
  8. Excellent organizational and workload prioritizing skills.
  9. Excellent conceptual and analytical skills; ability to research and analyze data and information.
  10. Working knowledge of general office equipment, including computer-based word processing and spreadsheet packages, proficiency with MS Office products preferred. Experience working on the Internet and with integrated database software is also preferred.
  11. Ability to organize, facilitate, and manage projects and meetings in an efficient and effective manner.
  12. Ability to work evenings and weekends as necessary.
  13. Ability to travel and attend off premise events, such as community events and meetings.


Open office environment.

MISSION: Our mission is to mobilize people, ideas and investments to make this a community where all individuals have equitable opportunity to reach their full potential – no matter place, race or identity. Like all members of Foundation staff, this professional must be committed to working through the lens of our mission, learning how systemic racism and other biases marginalize Central Indiana residents and actively working to dismantle unfair systems both internally and in the community. Every staff member believes it is an honor and a privilege to serve the Central Indiana community as temporary stewards of our community’s charitable assets. Candidates should have values, interests and a work style that are compatible with this philosophy.

Interested persons should submit a detailed cover letter and resume (preferably in PDF format). Apply via our website: Click Here. Posting will remain open until position is filled.