President & CEO, Community Foundation of Boone County

President & CEO
Organization Name: 
Community Foundation of Boone County

President & CEO

The President & CEO, a full-time regular exempt employee, provides professional leadership in partnership with the Board of Directors to accomplish the Community Foundation of Boone County (CFBC) mission and vision. The President & CEO oversees day-to-day operations and development of the CFBC, administers board policies, and employs sound business practices. The President & CEO is accountable to the Board of Directors.

• Bachelor’s degree required
• Previous management experience required
• 3-5 years of substantial experience in non-profit sector preferred
• Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) and/or Certificate in Fundraising Management (CFRM) preferred
• Must be familiar with Boone County
• Boone County resident preferred but not required

• Demonstrates professionalism and integrity, a steward of the CFBC brand.
• Is a vision- and results-driven leader
• Strong, effective communicator
• Relationship-oriented
• A team builder
• A fundraiser


o Provides oversight for donor development, pooled investments, and grant-making programs
o Maintains expertise in estate planning, planned giving, fundraising, and non-profit management
o Seeks ways for the CFBC to proactively respond to community needs, and makes recommendations to the board regarding leadership opportunities for the CFBC
o Ensures all programs are operated efficiently and effectively, and that the board has appropriate governing policies in place for staff members to successfully execute programs

o Cultivates positive relationships with potential and existing donors and stakeholders
o Ensures CFBC executes annual communications plan
o Markets CFBC to broad and diverse populations
• Strategy, Public Policy, & Community Leadership
o Serves as a proactive and knowledgeable resource and stakeholder convener
o Collaborates with other organizations on matters of importance to the CFBC’s mission and vision
o Participates in development, implementation, supervision, and evaluation of CFBC plans

o Consults on all board committees
o Ensures board decisions are implemented according to appropriate timelines and ensures a comprehensive flow of information among board, committees, and staff
o Apprises the board of local, state, and national issues that may impact the CFBC
o Facilitates board and volunteer recruitment, training, and stewardship
o Assists the board in the development of organizational vision, goals, and long-range planning

o Develops a staffing model, including growth and succession plans, to ensure quality donor, program, and administrative services
o Hires, supervises, encourages, and evaluates staff performance
o Ensures that staff receive appropriate professional development training to flourish
o Provides clear direction and oversees staff work plans and objectives
o Listens, guides, and empowers staff
o Maintains appropriate personnel records

o Administers fiscal policies and procedures as approved by the board
o Prepares annual operating budget and supervises operations of accounting, investment reporting, annual audit, and fiscal record keeping and compliance
o Serves as a liaison to financial advisors
o Oversees fundraising events, personal solicitation, and grant writing

o Strategic oversight of the daily operation and maintenance of office
o Performs other duties as assigned by the board chairman or board of directors

Application Deadline: 
Friday, August 9, 2019