President & CEO

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President & CEO
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Bloomington Health Foundation


The Bloomington Health Foundation, Inc. (BHF) is committed to helping the people of Bloomington and surrounding communities lead healthier lives. We invest in and partner with the people and organizations of our community to implement innovative, evidence-based solutions to our community's most pressing health issues, such as mental health resources, non-emergency medical transportation, increased access to healthy foods and more. Building upon over 50 years as Bloomington’s original healthcare non-profit, BHF is ushering in a new phase of its history by leveraging a new strategic vision, deep community roots, strong financial position, and exceptional leadership from the Board of Directors. Since 2018, BHF has committed over $3 million to impact health in Bloomington and beyond and anticipated a significant transfer and gifting of funds in 2021 to support the newly constructed IU Health Hospital for the South Central region of Indiana. Health foundations throughout the United States are expanding the scope of their grant making and initiatives to focus on the social determinants of health (SDOH). They seek to impact a broad range of social and economic conditions, including housing, transportation, education, child-care, job training, and economic development, that have been shown to influence the health of individuals and communities. Data supports that 40 percent of the variation in health status can be traced to social and economic factors—twice as much as can be attributed to clinical care. BHF is committed to partnering with organizations in the community to define issues and deliver outcomes. Since its beginning in 2018, BHF has worked with the Owen County YMCA, Indiana University School of Medicine, City of Bloomington, the Monroe County Health Department, and Indiana University Health Bloomington. Bloomington is nestled in the rolling hills of southern Indiana and home to 85,000 residents and serves as a home away from home for tens of thousands of Indiana University students and alumni. The city also serves as a regional hub for employment, healthcare and other services.



As the Bloomington Health Foundation works to expand its reach and capacity to serve the community, it is seeking a leader who is passionately committed to the issues that affect a community’s well-being, particularly in the areas that affect health. The next President & CEO will be a compelling leader who recognizes potential opportunities to advance BHF’s mission through effective community partnerships, defining and addressing needs, and advocacy. BHF is committed to defining community needs in concert with organizations that share a commitment to strengthening the greater Bloomington community. The President & CEO has accountability for the overall strategic, financial, and operational activity of BHF. They will be responsible for facilitating the work of the board of directors and community development, strategy and planning, fund development, organizational management including financial and staff management, and program operations. The President and CEO will lead a staff that includes the Chief Financial Officer and the Director of Marketing & Events.



The President will have the following primary responsibilities:



• Provides oversight, leadership, and fosters a collaborative relationship to the board of directors and executive committee.

• Supports the board of directors in maintaining a strong model of governance, preparing board meeting materials, establishing clear policies, practices, and procedures, and engaging the board of directors on issues related to fiduciary responsibilities, financial transactions, budgets, and local grant partners.

• Interfaces with community members through membership and involvement in a variety of local organizations to enhance the presence of BHF in community.

• Amplifies educational and critical public health information from partners and the greater community.

• Serves as primary spokesperson for the BHF. 



• Development, implementation, and assessment of the BHF’s philanthropic giving strategies and program evaluation in collaboration with the board of directors to achieve targeted, result-oriented outcomes.

• Oversees the BHF brand and approves marketing and communications efforts in collaboration with Marketing Director.

• Engage community stakeholders to create shared alignment and action plans around local health priorities.

• Develops and maintains strong, positive working relationships and networks with grantees, community leaders and philanthropic organizations.

• Develops annual goals and operational plans in collaboration with BOD and staff.

• Oversees preparation of annual budget, financial operating model, investment portfolio, and other policies consistent with the mission in collaboration with the CFO/Finance and Operations Director.

• Works, as needed, with all standing and ad hoc committees of the board of directors. 



• Identifies trends and emerging philanthropic and community issues, to develop recommendations, and set priorities that inform the board of directors.

• Leverages existing grantmaking funds to attract additional investment to maximize impact. • Engages individual and corporate investment partners.

• Writes grants, oversees BHF’s fiscal sponsorships, and engages in opportunities for collaborative grantmaking when appropriate.



• Oversees daily operations of staff and staff functions.

• Provides administrative oversight to ensure donor funds are used effectively and within BHF’s mission and donor intent.

• Ensures organization has appropriate systems and tools to operate effectively and efficiently.

• Oversees compliance with internal controls and all applicable laws and regulations in partnership with third parties



The President and CEO will bring many of the following qualifications:

• Significant senior-level or executive experience in philanthropy, foundations, or nonprofits, with at least five years of professional leadership experience.

• Experience in public health, either academic or applied.

• An undergraduate degree or advanced degree in a related field or equivalent experience leading a philanthropic organization, foundation, or nonprofit.

• Demonstrated and effective nonpartisan relationship builder with various constituencies including the board of directors, staff, healthcare professionals, and other foundations to support the goals and direction of BHF.

• A track record of executive management, a working knowledge of budgets, financial and investment reporting, strategic planning, and an understanding of public health.

• Demonstrated ability to assess community-wide needs and opportunities and to identify key drivers to achieve desired goals with measurable impact.

• A professional with high ethical standards of conduct, integrity, and fiduciary duty.

• Compelling communication skills.

• Exceptional listening skills, a good sense of humor with humility and a respect for the privilege of service to the community.

• Residence in Monroe County, IN will be required.



The Bloomington Health Foundation has retained Campbell & Company to conduct this search on their behalf. Marian DeBerry and Angèle Bubna are leading this search. To be considered for this opportunity, please send a letter of interest and resume to:

Associate Consultant, Executive Search

Follow this link to the full position guide. 

Application Deadline: 
Wednesday, March 31, 2021