President and CEO - Child & Parent Services (CAPS)

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President and CEO - Child & Parent Services (CAPS)
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Tabitha Oh

Since its beginning over 40 years ago, Child & Parent Services (CAPS) has been the leader in preventing child abuse and neglect in Elkhart County. CAPS has worked diligently to protect our community’s children and to strengthen families by offering diverse programs and services. CAPS has adapted to the changing needs of children and families through the years and, through the strength of the six distinct programs below, CAPS is equipping families with the knowledge, support and inspiration they need to thrive.


Through CAPS programs, lives can be changed: CASA, CFAC, Community Education, Healthy Families, Parent Aide and Supervised Visitation.  Most communities have some version of these programs, but CAPS is unique in housing them all under one roof, providing a comprehensive approach to supporting families and children.


CAPS enjoys a strong reputation as well as historic visibility and presence in the Elkhart County community. It is the sole provider of several protective and prevention services for children in Elkhart County and honors that responsibility by bringing mission-driven, data-informed, and effective work to those that it serves.  Because of its compelling mission and management fidelity, CAPS has been successful in establishing longstanding relationships with local businesses, public officials, as well as donors.


CAPS recently completed construction of a new facility that now houses the organization’s programs and staff.  The new facility represents the success and support that CAPS enjoys, in that CAPS remains debt free, having raised $5.5 million through a successful capital campaign for completion of the project.  The organization continues to be financially sound.


The next President and CEO will serve a visible role in outreach to nearby communities, rebuilding legacy relationships and inviting new and more supporters into the mission. Fundraising will be an important component of the CEO’s role with a focus on diversifying, expanding and strengthening relationships with funders and donors. 


Vision and Strategic Planning: The next CEO must have a strong passion for the mission of  CAPS. This person must have deep concern for the safety and well-being of children from all backgrounds. The CEO must be skilled at both internal management and external positioning and have demonstrated skill in outreach to diverse communities. He or she must be a strategic thinker, with vision for the effective and sustainable future of the mission.


Ability to nurture positive organizational culture: Candidates for this position must have proven leadership qualities to bring vision, direction, a collaborative atmosphere and inspiration to move an organization forward.  They must have a proven ability to inspire and motivate employees, parents and volunteers and to demonstrate effective approaches in nurturing teamwork and developing talent. Personal qualities that will define the CEO include “Visionary, Passionate, Relatable, Empathetic, Confident, Optimistic, Committed and Inclusive.”  CAPS’s leader will be able to contribute to a positive culture through being open to feedback and listening to diverse voices while being confident and decisive.


Fundraising: The next leader must bring expertise in fundraising, with a demonstrated track record of developing strong donor networks. The leader will be able to broaden the number and types of funding sources, with a view toward long-term sustainability.  The successful candidate will have the demonstrated ability to establish and maintain strong collaborative relationships with funders both public and private, potential donors and other sources of financial support.


The salary range for the position is $105k-120k.


To apply, please submit a current resume and letter of introduction to Kittleman & Associates, LLC at (click on the Apply button at the bottom of the page).


For more information about CAPS, please visit

Application Deadline: 
Saturday, September 17, 2022