Marketing & Communications Associate

Position Title: 
Marketing & Communications Associate
Organization Name: 
Central Indiana Community Foundation

EMPLOYER:  Women’s Fund is a CICF Fund and all staff are employees of Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF)
REPORTS TO: Senior Director of Philanthropy & Community Engagement, Women’s Fund of Central Indiana


The Marketing & Communications Associate will be responsible for telling the stories of Women’s Fund and our work in the community with words and visuals via our website, e-newsletters, blogs/vlogs, videos (formal and informal), social media platforms and print communication. 


  1. Storytelling – create and share stories to demonstrate the work of Women’s Fund and our impact for women and girls in the community. 
  2. Manages Website – provide strategic support for improvements and maintenance of the Women’s Fund website to maximize efficiencies, user experience and effectiveness in communicating the stories with the organization. 
  3. Manages Social media – create a plan for daily updates to existing social media platforms, recognizing how content should be formatted on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to best use each platform to engage with existing and prospective audiences in the most effective way. 
  4. Manages Email Communications – work with Women’s Fund President and Senior Director of Philanthropy & Community Engagement to create and distribute e-newsletters, evites and updates on a routine and as needed basis. 
  5. Creates and Sends Press Releases – coordinate with CICF Marketing and Communications team to create and distribute announcements to media for grants to the community twice-a-year, new Advisory Board members once a year and other releases as needed. 
  6. Diversity, Equity and Opportunity – Women’s Fund works hand-in-hand with CICF in our collective efforts to dismantle racist systems in Indianapolis.  Marketing & Communications Associate will be expected to embrace and participate in these efforts.
  7. Becoming an Anti-Racist Organization - The Marketing & Communications Associate will join Women’s Fund staff and CICF staff on a rigorous and dedicated educational journey of learning how racist systems were created, how they still flourish, in addition to learning about and recognizing how beliefs and biases oppress, silence and marginalize the communities of color.  This education is ongoing and requires all staff members to participate fully, to be uncomfortable and to be vulnerable.  BIPOC members of WF/CICF staff are provided additional support in this journey though the CICF VP of Opportunity, Equity and Inclusion.  
  8. Other Duties as Assigned – Women’s Fund is a dynamic organization and will take advantage of opportunities that are not in our work plan if we believe doing so is consistent with our aim to improve conditions and circumstances for women and girls in our community. The Marketing & Communications Associate will need to be flexible to meet the changing needs of the organization and the community.  Other duties as assigned is also an expectation that each person on staff will always work for the good of Women’s Fund.  


  1. Ability to confidently perform the responsibilities of the position.
  2. Bachelor’s degree in a communications related field or commensurate job experience is required.
  3. Minimum of three (3) years of experience in marketing, communications, or a related field; not-for-profit or public sector preferred.
  4. Proven communication skills and human-centered approach to writing
  5. Willingness to build knowledge about opportunity, equity and inclusion issues, and how they intersect with race, and advance these core values through your work.
  6. Ability to effectively interact and communicate with others in an appropriate manner. This includes excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to discuss and present multiple concepts with others.
  7. Strong organizational, time management and workload prioritizing skills.
  8. Preference given to candidates with proven ability and proficiency in Salesforce Marketing Cloud or similar e-marketing platform and basic website CMS processes and routines. Experience working with WordPress, Salesforce and Google Analytics is strongly preferred.
  9. Ability to work successfully with a team and independently with self-assurance.  
  10. Proven experience as a self-starter with excellent organizational skills, including prioritizing competing projects while managing and meeting all goals. 
  11. Self-awareness regarding strengths and growth opportunities with the ability to discuss those openly and proactively with supervisor.


Understand and adhere to the highest standards of ethics.
Maintain strict confidentiality regarding donors, grantees, projects and other key work. 
Ability to work beyond typical office hours, if necessary, to attend or prepare for meetings/events. 
Ability to travel between office locations and attend off-premise events.
Bachelor’s Degree preferred. 


The ideal candidate would be described as authentic, optimistic, ambitious, curious, empathetic, courageous, kind, thoughtful, encouraging, self-assured, personable, approachable, humble, collaborative and passionate about gender and racial equity.


Women’s Fund is housed within CICF, which has an open office environment; the Marketing & Communications Associate will have an assigned working space within the Women’s Fund office. Private spaces of all sizes are available for all employees as needed for quiet work, phone calls and meetings.


Women’s Fund of Central Indiana is a special interest fund of CICF.  All Women’s Fund staff members are employees of CICF and engage across departments in a collegial and supportive manner.  


Please provide cover letter and resume by Friday, June 18, 2021. CLICK HERE to apply.