Community Benefit and Outreach Director, North Central Health Services

Position Title: 
Community Benefit and Outreach Director
Organization Name: 
North Central Health Services

The Community Benefit and Outreach Director is responsible for maintaining strategic partnerships with coalitions, funders, nonprofits, and other entities to directly address the community health needs. The director manages and oversees the grant funding process, under the direction of the CEO, while building relationships with community partners. The director is instrumental in the North Central Health Services, Inc. (NCHS)/River Bend Hospital community benefit report, as well as identifying public relations and communication opportunities.

Representative Duties and Responsibilities

  • Respond to grant inquiries, making grant referrals, and processing formal grant requests
  • Write, edit, and assemble request for proposals for grant awards
  • Develop and write agendas, meeting minutes, grant proposal summaries, information letters, acknowledgment letters, program descriptions, Grants Board presentations, etc.
  • Coordinate grant projects by issuing payments, reviewing budget revisions, and monitoring media releases
  • Solicit grant project photos, updates, and reports for the NCHS Grants Board
  • Research grant funding needs and opportunities in the community through engagement with regional funders, health care systems, and nonprofit organizations
  • Gather required grant and report information from internal and external sources
  • Communicate with grantees
  • Manage GIFTS/Blackbaud database
  • Actively participate in community activities
  • Coordinate and manage the NCHS/River Bend Hospital community health needs assessment (CHNA)
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of the CHNA implementation plan and track/report the outcomes of the plan
  • Write NCHS press releases and assist with grantee press releases
  • Create and deliver external presentations as requested
  • Prepare community benefit related plans and reports
  • Develop a marketing strategy and marketing plan
  • Develop and oversee social media marketing and content marketing
  • Collaborate with the CEO on special projects

Minimum Requirements

  • Undergraduate degree
  • Community benefit knowledge preferred
  • Previous experience in grant administration a plus
  • Experience in marketing and digital marketing
  • Possess proven planning, verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Working knowledge of and/or proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

About North Central Health Services, Inc.

North Central Health Services (NCHS) was created in 1984 to serve as the parent company of a family of corporations which included Lafayette Home Hospital, Home Hospital Foundation, and Service Frontiers Incorporated. Today, NCHS has a primary responsibility to operate River Bend Hospital, which is a nonprofit inpatient psychiatric hospital, licensed and certified by the Indiana FSSA Division of Mental Health and Addiction and accredited by the Joint Commission.

NCHS also is a grantmaking organization providing primarily capital grants to 501(c)(3) organizations serving the citizens of Benton, Carroll, Clinton, Fountain, Montgomery, Tippecanoe, Warren, and White counties in Indiana. Grants are awarded to organizations for projects that relate to health and healthy communities.


NCHS is committed to continuing the traditions of Lafayette Home Hospital in advancing and providing health care for the benefit of the citizens of its eight-county service area. Through the support of technological and scientific advancement, education, quality of life, and humanitarian community services, NCHS will strive to promote a healthy community for all area residents.

  • To operate River Bend Hospital, which is a nonprofit inpatient psychiatric hospital, licensed and certified by the Indiana Department of Mental Health.
  • To support certain activities of qualified local agencies and organizations by making financial grants that will:
    • advance the technological and scientific development of healthcare services
    • develop and promote community health education
    • provide direct healthcare services to individuals
    • promote a healthy community and improve the quality of life for the people of our service area


NCHS will create a healthier community through the delivery of behavioral health care and the support of technological and scientific advancement, education, quality of life, and humanitarian community activities. 

Strategic Goals

  • Improve Access to Mental Health Care
  • Increase Awareness of Mental Health Services and Resources
  • Improve Access to Health Care
  • Improve Access to Programs and Care Addressing Needs Identified by the River Bend Hospital/NCHS Community Health Needs Assessment

How To Apply

Resumes can be email to

For more information, please visit the NCHS website at