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Grantmakers for Education provides numerous resources related to effective education grantmaking, including an annual publication on trends in education philanthropy, a series of case studies, and a toolkit designed to help donors and small foundations spur change in public education.

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General News
BBF Awards $500,000 to Strengthen Medical Education in Muncie
June 29, 2017
Member News
Teachers Awarded $3,166 for Creative and Innovative Classroom Projects
September 26, 2017
Member News
Lilly Endowment Announces $26.4 Million in Counseling Grants to School Corporations and Charter Schools Statewide
October 05, 2017
Member News
Heritage Fund Board grant recipients
November 15, 2017
Member News
5 Delaware County nonprofits receive $61K in grant funding from the community foundation
November 29, 2017
Member News
Teachers awarded $3,076 for creative and innovative classroom projects
December 01, 2017
Member News
Lilly Endowment community scholars named
December 08, 2017
Member News
Community Foundation awards 2018 Lilly Endowment Community Scholars and Guy D. Gundlach Memorial Scholars
December 18, 2017
Member News
2018 Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship awarded
December 20, 2017