Recovery to Resilience: Community Level

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 -
1:00pm to 2:30pm EDT
Members: $50.00
Non-Members: $100.00
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Recovery to Resilience

This webinar is part of IPA's Recovery to Resilience series, which offers insights to help us lead and support Indiana's recovery, rebuilding, and resilience during COVID-19.

The first webinar in the Recovery to Resilience series will explore the role philanthropy can play at the community level during the coming months and years.

Dr. Michael Fortunato, founding partner of Creative Insight Community Development, will discuss community resilience and antifragility by returning to some of the philosophical roots of civic society and by organizing community-led action in a very different way. He will discuss strategies for solving multiple, persistent problems at once through innovative thinking powered by citizens. We will also explore how to see the post-COVID world as an opportunity for building deep and lasting trust, creating new partnerships, overcoming marginalization, and embracing grassroots innovation among a wider range of participants. Using a new cooperative redevelopment strategy as an example, Dr. Fortunato will demonstrate how funders and philanthropists can lead the charge in creating new initiatives and different kinds of partnerships that benefit from change and variability in an era of radical uncertainty.

Kim Irwin, executive director of Health by Design and administrator of the Indiana Public Health Association, will address how to build back better for health resilience and more equitable health outcomes. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to acknowledge the fundamental role that social, economic, physical, and environmental conditions play in supporting—or jeopardizing—health. COVID-19 has also disproportionately impacted low-income and minority populations. Kim will address how funders have the opportunity to address health before people are sick—in our homes, at school and work, and in our neighborhoods and communities. Join us to learn how funders can prioritize funding that can begin making systems-level, upstream investments in their communities.

About This Series

Programs in this series are open to IPA members and their boards, as well as non-member funders, nonprofits, business leaders, and other community leaders. The Recovery to Resilience series is designed to help funders lead and support recovery, rebuilding, and resilience efforts during COVID-19. The series includes four webinars that explore how philanthropy can invest over the coming months and years. Programs cover how to build back organizations and communities better, funding trust through philanthropy, and self-leadership. This series will help funders think through various perspectives so they can find their niche in their community, from both a funding and leadership perspective. Go here to see upcoming programs.

Cost & Discount

Registrants purchasing the first three webinars in the Recovery to Resilience series ($50 each for members; $100 each for non-members) have the opportunity to join for the fourth webinar for FREE! Learn how below.

FOR FREE ACCESS to the fourth webinar or to purchase past recordings in the series, please contact Jill Gordon.


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