Participation, Partnership, and Power: Putting Nonprofits and Communities in the Driver’s Seat

As grantmakers, our desire to have a positive impact on the communities we serve fuels our work. In order to create the greatest impact, we must work with nonprofits and those with lived experience to understand problems and define a path forward. But what would it look like to have nonprofits and communities truly drive our work? How much participation is required to center our work on community needs? 
During this session, we will assess how nonprofits and communities currently participate in your work. We will discuss the importance of examining participation through diversity, equity, and inclusion lenses. You will leave with tools to help your organization plan for three important “w’s” of participation: 

  • WHEN participation is important
  • WHO should participate
  • WHAT participation could look like

We will end with dedicated time to reflect on the role you can play in community-driven philanthropy.

Date & Time: 
Thursday, June 4, 2020 -
1:45pm to 3:00pm EDT