Lunch Plenary Featuring Jason Franklin, Changing Trends in Community Philanthropy: Adapting & Growing Amid Changing Giving Patterns

Across the country we’re witnessing an explosion of new major donors driven by digital entrepreneurs and globalization along with increasing concentration of wealth across the country alongside shifting and declining flows of small dollar giving. At the same, there is a proliferation of new collective-giving vehicles and an ever expanding array of technology-assisted giving tools and growing uncertainty from changing tax laws and increasing competition from other charitable support organizations. And to make matters more complicated, giving is increasingly critiqued and analyzed against a backdrop of increasing political polarization and an intensifying debate about our communities’ and country’s fate.

What’s a foundation and its leadership to do in the face of these and other trends which challenge the fundamental value proposition and business model of a foundation?

Join Dr. Jason Franklin, Principal of Ktisis Capital and WK Kellogg Community Philanthropy Chair at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy, for reflections on the challenges and opportunities these trends present for foundations to adapt and grow over the coming decade.

Date & Time: 
Thursday, June 4, 2020 -
12:30pm to 1:45pm EDT
Clark Dawson