Capacity Building: What Mid-Sized Nonprofits Want and Need

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 -
10:00am to 11:00am EST
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Mid-sized Indiana nonprofit organizations can range from $1-10 million in total assets or revenue and 5-25 employees. These nonprofits have the unique challenge of developing leadership, managing growth, and avoiding stagnation. The second webinar in IPA’s 2018 Capacity Building Series will outline solutions that you can use to help mid-sized organizations adapt, grow, innovate, and keep on doing what they do so well. 

Facilitated by Jen Pendleton of Aly Sterling Philanthropy, the conversation will feature a grantmaker and a nonprofit executive providing input on specific tactics to increase mid-sized nonprofits’ capacity to fulfill their mission.

During this program, we will also discuss The Performance Imperative and its seven pillars of high performance. Organizations that commit to pursuing high performance generally make the most progress by cultivating seven core disciplines:

  • Pillar 1: Courageous, adaptive executive and board leadership (the preeminent pillar)
  • Pillar 2: Disciplined, people-focused management
  • Pillar 3: Well-designed and well-implemented programs and strategies
  • Pillar 4: Financial health and sustainability
  • Pillar 5: A culture that values learning
  • Pillar 6: Internal monitoring for continuous improvement
  • Pillar 7: External evaluation for mission effectiveness


  • How you can help your mid-sized grantees become sustainable by helping them understand how to balance their mission, capital, and programs.
  • Challenges midsized nonprofits face in fulfilling their missions and solutions foundations can implement to meet those challenges.

Target Audience:

This program is designed for foundation staff and foundation grant committee members wanting to implement capacity building strategies to enhance their investments in midsized nonprofit organizations. See information below about inviting your grantees to a webinar viewing party.

Host a Grantee Viewing Party

Foundation staff are welcome to host a viewing party for this webinar and invite their grantees. These programs are designed to help foundations support nonprofits with tactics and clear communications regarding terms and outcomes surrounding organizational effectiveness. This is not a program to help nonprofits develop a capacity building plan; rather, this is an opportunity for foundations and grantees to start a dialogue and be on the same page regarding increasing organizational effectiveness. Below are some ideas for getting the most out of this program with your grantees.


  • Jodi Spataro, Chief Advancement Officer, Community Foundation of Elkhart County
  • Candy Yoder, President and CEO, Child And Parent Services (CAPS)
  • Moderator:  Jen Pendleton, Aly Sterling Philanthropy

About Nonprofit Capacity Building Series

IPA is partnering with Indiana nonprofit executive directors and Indiana foundation professionals to help you strengthen the impact of your philanthropic investments in nonprofit capacity. Our Nonprofit Capacity Building Webinar Series will include three webinars discussing strategies to help small, mid-sized, and large nonprofit organizations effectively grow, adapt, and deliver stronger programs. Research and best practices will be shared on what Indiana nonprofits need to be more effective and how foundations can support the needs of nonprofits of various sizes and at different points along the nonprofit life cycle. Join us for the following programs:


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$45 for non-members


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