The Importance of a Strong Investment Policy in a Time of Crisis

When communities are faced with a health and economic crisis, the effects can be profound and long lasting.  During these times, community  foundations are relied upon even more than ever.  It is imperative that the financial resources from the foundations are being managed properly.  What matters most is what the community foundation investment committees do from here and how they execute their plan to ensure the long term sustainability of the foundation.   This session will cover critical elements of an investment policy and execution process that need to be present before a crisis and then followed during one.  Attendees will learn about strategies that should be implemented in their policy and processes to increase the probabilities of better outcomes both during and after a crisis.  These include smoothing and rebalancing techniques, liquidity considerations, the role of alternatives and stress testing asset allocation strategies.

Date & Time: 
Thursday, June 4, 2020 -
10:45am to 12:00pm EDT