Consulting Services: Consultant Application

You have been identified as having experience working with foundations and having interest in becoming a vetted Indiana Philanthropy Alliance (IPA) consultant. Please complete and submit the information requested below, or you may complete this Consultant Application and email it to info@inphilanthropy.orgIn addition to your completed application, please email us your photo and bio (maximum of 500 words).

This application provides IPA the necessary information to check references and determine which consultants best fit with members seeking assistance. After receiving your application, IPA staff will set up a phone interview. IPA will list vetted consultants’ bios on its website. 

IPA has a pool of vetted consultants with experience working with foundations. IPA members, and other funders contact IPA for assistance on a variety of issues related to foundation work. If needed, IPA will match vetted consultants with philanthropic organizations seeking assistance. Consultants would work for and be paid by IPA at a rate of $100 per hour. Statements of work between IPA and consultants would include scope of work, outcomes, deliverables, timeline, to whom the consultant will report and how, and estimated number of hours to complete the activities that have been agreed upon between the consultant, IPA, and the organization. IPA would charge members $135 per hour. 

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Please list three foundations as references.

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