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Promise Indiana Deep Dive Day

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The Promise Indiana Deep Dive Day was developed after several questions following the session at the IPA/GIFT statewide conference in June 2016. Initially the goals for the day were to assist community foundations in understanding the benefits of the program for their community and what administrative responsibilities would be required to start a program in their community. Now, thanks to the work being done in 14 communities, focus on how this program can change the culture of our communities and our residents was also covered. The Promise Indiana program has brought attention to Indiana from around the country.

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2017 Tri-State Community Foundation Partnership Webinar Series
January 26, 2017

Philanthropic Paths: An Exploratory Study of the Career Pathways of Professionals of Color in Philanthropy

Low levels of diversity in the senior ranks of foundations have proven to be a stubborn challenge for the field of philanthropy.  A report by Forward Change takes an important step toward a deeper understanding of the career pathways of professionals of color in philanthropy—how they enter foundations, how they advance across their careers, and what factors affect their advancement within the sector.

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The Resilient Organization: Disaster Planning and Recovery Guide

The Resilient Organization, developed by TechSoup with the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, is a holistic guide to IT disaster planning and recovery. This e-book is intended for organizations that are preparing for a disaster, as well as those that need to rebuild and maintain operations after a disaster.

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